Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sam's special blog

Welcome to another addition to Sam's special blog!
I talked to my mom last night and she told me that I was spelling poll wrong. I'm sorry about that if it drove any of you all crazy last night. I'll try to spell it correctly today.
Poll of the day
Favorite cartoon character!

Bugs Bunny:1
Daffy Duck:1
Porky Pig:0
Rode runner:1
Wildly Coyote:1
Mickey Mouse:0
Minnie Mouse:0
Yosemite Sam:4
Tasmanian Devil:1
Don't Know:6 
Oh No there's has to be a tie breaker!

Yosemite Sam:15


Yosemite Sam Wins!!

Grumpy Cat Time!

I'm Sooooooo tired today!


Now I'm going to interview my 1 helper today Gavin!

Me: Do you like being blog assistant?

Gavin: Yes, but I really want to be the real blogger though.

Me: Do you like Mrs. Shleg's new sub?

Gavin: Yes I really like the new sub!

Me: Is you day going good so far?

Gavin: Yes very much.

Me: thanks Gavin!

Gavin: Your Welcome.

That's it for today folks!
If you have any ideas for my post tomorrow please write it on a piece
of paper and bring it in tomorrow. Happy Wednesday!


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