Thursday, November 6, 2014

11.6.14 - Day FIFTY-EIGHT

Hello ALL and Happy Friday Eve to you!  First, I must congratulate the two MONARCH AWARD winners from 5th grade (1 from 5S and 1 from 5T): Nathan Stiles (5S) and Sam Wilkerson (5T)!  We are so, so very proud of you!  Here is the paragraph I submitted to be read during the award presentation this morning about Sam:

This student is an exemplary role model for our classroom family and has modeled what a Monarch is throughout the entire first part of this school year.  He has consistently stepped up to the plate with his schoolwork by always striving to put forth his very best.  He is always a friend to all those around him.  This student has a tremendous heart, and is always thoughtful and caring to everyone he knows.  He has wonderful ideas and questions in our classroom discussions, and is always supportive of his classmates' ideas as well.  This student takes great care in all of the work that he does, and always strives to do his very best.  Spirituality and love is at the core of this student, who has many insights into the way we should all show peace and love to the world and how letting Christ’s love shine through can uplift those around you. The Monarch Award for 5T goes to Sam Wilkerson.
All the Monarch Award recipients for the first trimester 2014-2015 with Mrs. Zettel, Mrs. Schloemer, 

Nathan receiving his award

Sam receiving his award

~I had to leave for an appt. so we're a little short and sweet today~

Project presentations!!!
With 60 students and not too much time, we unfortunately did not get through everyone's project and will complete them by tomorrow.  Even if we do not get through them all tomorrow (we should), we will finish Monday, but they will STILL be counted on this trimester's grades/ report cards
HOMEWORK: Wrong-Answer Analysis for Unit 1 test due tomorrow

Students took their test over the Native American regions of the USA

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN divide by 1-digit divisors to obtain quotients with one or more zeros. 
It is necessary to write zero in a quotient whenever the partial dividend is less than the divisor.  By remembering to write a digit in each place of the quotient, students will avoid errors.  Also, predicting the number of digits a quotient should contain helps students gain confidence and assess the reasonableness of their quotients. 
SONG; Determining WHEN to put zeros in the quotient VIDEO 1; and VIDEO 2; and Guided Practice (this is what we/ Mrs. Pfiefer did with the students in class)
HOMEWORK: complete practice from class; workbook page 30


This afternoon was our PEP RALLY in honor of our fabulous 5th/6th grade football boys for winning the Toy Bowl this past Saturday!  Way to go!!!

Tomorrow is Friday!
Mrs. Thomas

Cayman's Paparazzi's Pics will be featured tomorrow :)

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