Thursday, November 13, 2014

THE HAWKS blog today


I realize that I have not really told you much about me. I have just been posting pictures and taking polls. So here I go.

My name is Henry "the hawk" Hawkins and I am the class blogger this week. (yaaaaaaaay!)
I have blond hair and glasses.(not the nerdy kind mind you) My favorite animal is a hawk,(duh) my favorite color is neon yellow, or gold. I am a die hard LSU fan. :-) My favorite food is, cheese. Any form of it, cheese dip, slices of cheese, I put Quesada cheese on pasta.(I am not ashamed) I love being blogger this week it has been so fun! I'm so sad I only get one more day of this. :-( 

my peeps




I will be interviewing my week blog helper SAM!!!

me:is being blog helper fun?  Sam: yes very much.

oops! we have run out of time. Well, I will continue this interview tomorrow, and I hope you guys liked learning a little bit about me. Have a good night all, THE HAWK out.

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