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11.21.14 - Day SIXTY-EIGHT

Weeee made it!  Thanksgiving Break is upon us, my friends, and while I will certainly miss these sweet babies, I am so grateful for time with my family and would pretty much guarantee that you are too!

There were SO many students with stains on their shirts today...not enough Tide pens in this world to get ALL THAT cardinal off, so I had to stomach the sight of those dirty birdies alllllll day.  YAK. There was enough blue to cleanse my palate, though, and knock me back to cahoots, so that was nice :)
It was SOOOO very wonderful seeing so many of you parents for yet another Coffeehouse!  You never cease to amaze me with your support and enthusiasm for events of 5th grade!  You are truly sensational and such a blessing to these kiddos.  THANK YOU for sharing in your support and love of reading and learning with your student!
Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see more pictures from Coffeehouse this morning taken by Miss Riley from Mrs. Schleg's class.  She did a WONDERFUL job!
Riley- To say I'm crazy about her would be a significant understatement!  Gahhhh, she's just the best!  And in get up from my alma mater?!?  A gal after my own heart :)
LEARNING TARGET: I CAN distinguish Myth from Fact and fact from fiction.  2) I can use and analyze specific idioms relevant to context.
We read an article about specific Thanksgiving myths that we have learned/ heard/ believed over the years and why they are not true.  For instance, did you know that the common image of pilgrims with buckles on their hats and shoes is NOT accurate?!?  Buckles were not invented for several years after the time of the original pilgrims in the Plymouth Rock settlement, so that image is a MYTH!  We. were. blown. AWAY!  Students then completed comprehension questions over the article.

Next, we completed some more idioms practice, by creating an idioms web of idioms about a specific body part of choice- Ex., HEAD: "eyes as big as your stomach"; "I'm all ears"; "Losing my mind"; "my ears are burning"; etc.

Finally, students read an article about other Fact and Fiction pertaining to Thanksgiving and then answer coinciding questions.
HOMEWORK: none- Happy Thanksgiving!

Students checked their chapter review from last night and were assigned the Study Guide.
HOMEWORK: Study Guide due Dec. 3rd (on Edmodo- print it out); Test is Dec. 5th

Students went over Study Guide with Mrs. Schleg and then had time to work on it in class.
HOMEWORK: test Dec. 5th; Study Guide due Dec. 3rd

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN divide using a two-digit divisor.
Dividing by numbers in the teens may give students more problems than dividing by other 2-digit numbers because students often need to adjust their estimate of each digit in the quotient more than once.  
Students completed practice within this concept throughout class (it was what I would've assigned as homework last night).  In Math #2, the Challengers group presented their Movie Marathon projects they've been working on for the past 3 weeks.  I am impressed with their hardwork and efforts and it was so tremendous to have them present it all to the class!  Way to go, guys!
HOMEWORK:  none- Happy Thanksgiving!

Students read about Godwinks and then wrote a reflection on their own.  Upon completion, students had more time to work on their Social Studies study guides.  Check out THIS site about Godwinks!
HOMEWORK: none- Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to reiterate once more how incredibly thankful I am to be at SMA and have your sweet babies in class.  They are such an enormous blessing and shining light in my life and I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of them!
See you back at school on Dec. 1st!
Have an incredible break!
Mrs. Thomas
See ya, bye- Thanksgiving Break is upon us!  Please enjoy yourself and by all means, HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Riley's Coffeehouse Paparazzi Pics:

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