Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11.5.14 - Day FIFTY-SEVEN

Happy HUMP Day, Gents and Judies!  I hope you are fabulous as always!

Today is Nathan's birthday (5S)!  We hope you have a wonderful day, you sensational feller, you!

The kiddos even sang to him at recess:

Here's another special Birthday SONG just for you...a CLASSIC!

To see Sam's Blog post from yesterday and today click HERE
There will be a mini-pep rally tomorrow for our fabulous football friends Toy Bowl CHAMPIONS at 2:15PM.  The football players may wear their jerseys tomorrow to school!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN identify the main idea and details to support it.
Well, we had to have a reteach today over Main Idea.  Remember how Monday we took our first Unit Assessment?  Delicately and simply stated, they were not good.  Students most definitely missed some very basic questions, BUT they also missed the skill of main idea and supporting details in general.  Yes, this was an incredibly difficult assessment, BUT we still need to be able to adapt and adhere to all types of assessments (and their wordings and questions) thrown our way.  Thus, in class we went over identifying the main idea in great depth and detail with MUCH applied skill, focus, and practice, and then we combed through the assessment and pinpointed where and why we went wrong with the questions at hand.  The students were then given a Wrong-Answer Analysis to go through each and every question they missed and figure out the correct one using the text.  I WILL be giving a test grade on the Wrong-Answer Analysis.  Main Idea SONG; For extra practice with Main Idea at home, click HERE
HOMEWORK: Wrong-Answer Analysis over Unit 1 test due FRIDAY; Book Projects (ALL groups except D) due TOMORROW

Students finished K-W-L chart over vocabulary for new chapter over weather patterns and discussed the solar system and layers of the atmosphere.
HOMEWORK: leaf comparison (Venn Diagram) for Master Gardener due tomorrow

With Ms. Ray, students reviewed and prepared for their upcoming test TOMORROW.
HOMEWORK: test over Native American regions is TOMORROW!

I had many students who needed to finish their overall book comprehension tests about their chapter books, and since we used reading time for reteaching, review, and wrong-answer analysis, those students completed them in Math time while the others worked on long division problems in their workbooks that we did not get to today.
HOMEWORK: Workbook page 28

We are starting a new positive reinforcement card that I created and have used for several years in my previous classrooms. It's time now to implement it here!  This is a reward system where students set an individual goal in which they need to work (each person has a different goal they're working towards) and also pick their own reward.  Once they have exhibited their goal ten times, they earn their reward- we keep track of this by coloring in stars on this card that is laminated and taped to their planners (it's just like a frequent shopper hole punch card at a restaurant!)
some example goals to choose from

example rewards

what the card looks like


Tomorrow is MASS!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Mrs. Thomas

Cayman's Paparazzi Pics 11.5.14
Psssst...that's Ms. Ray on the left!

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