Friday, October 10, 2014

10.10.14 - Day THIRTY-NINE: Walk a Monarch Mile in our Shoes

Good day, everyone!  Today is the day- the day we've been waiting for... the day of the first annual Monarch Mile!!!  SMA raised an awe-inspiring $22,000+!!!  Between the DJ, walking, dancing, laughing, and just being together as a class, grade, and school, WE HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!  Thank you so much to all of our parents, volunteers, PTO, and others who made this event possible- we are so excited for it in years to come!  Enjoy some pics from our morning...

Please be sure to click HERE to check out our new blog series which is a "day in the life of..." where each student will get a turn to chronicle a day in his/ her life...or what it is like to be him/ her. Hannah is our first to take on this role and she did a great job, starting from the moment she woke up today until the second she left the building this afternoon!  Check her out :)

Tonight is Homecoming and the Fall Festival (rain or shine), so please make plans to attend :)  I will be there and may have a special guest (or two) in tow

Prior to our walk, we spent our morning together and did NOT switch classes.  It was heaven.  Don't get me wrong, I am beyond in love with and wholeheartedly ADORE all of my precious and sweet 5th grade babies, but it was nice having just my homeroom kiddos for a bit.  We had some fun with our morning work- I talked with them about stereotypes (what they are and what they mean) and then we made fun of ourselves as a society for our clichés, and the stereotypes of fall.  I showed them a few memes like this...
...and then they wrote their own short stories, comics, or commentaries about the stereotypes of fall.  It was just a fun little creative writing activity where we were able to strap on our humorous hats and make some fun about pumpkin everything and the extreme commercialization of fall and Christmas.  They seriously did a great job!  Check out a few favorites: 

This one absolutely cracks me up- it was Keeli's :)

Class Meeting:
Then, we had a class meeting and addressed some points like the excessive talking, whispering about someone in front that person, always building each other up (instead of bringing others down), etc.  It wasn't that these issues are going on (well, except for the talking), but it was just some things for building and continually working on demonstrating good character in all situations.  On that note, our "Praise in his Name..." wall is filling UP with some wonderful praises for other friends.  I just love how we are quick to celebrate the good things others are doing for peers.  Quite simply, I just love US! 

After the Monarch Mile:
After the Monarch Mile, the kiddos were quite wound up, so we put on a movie (Monster's Inc.- one of my faves!) and let them get collected and simmer down.  We headed to lunch and then recess.

PM Activities:
We got on with our regular schedule- except, instead of math, we had reading where students finished up their MLK Jr. timelines and Jackie Robinson summaries.
some completed life-size timelines on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
HOMEWORK NOTE: In RELIGION, Students have a few things to get done over the weekend: Bring in ONE empty soda can and complete study guide for test NEXT Wednesday (10/15).

I hope to see everyone up at school this evening and that you all have an extraordinary weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

Emma and Hailey asked for a pic, so well, I obliged.  Excuse the foulness- it's the end of the day

Not sure if you can handle these dance moves or not...
...but Hannah and I sure had a blast dancing, walking, and talking at the Monarch Mile.  Clearly.  hahahahahaha (Photo courtesy of: Kristi Kelly)

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