Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10.1.14 - Day THIRTY-FOUR

Hello ALL and HAPPY OCTOBER to Y-O-U, you, YOU, YOUUUUU!!!  I know we haven't met yet for our conference, but I still want to go ahead pull a "Pretty Woman" quote ("if I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight...") and let you know that I so enjoyed meeting with each of you! Good communication and contact is the key to a solid partnership between us and your student and his/ her success!  With all of us in it together, we are capable of great things!
Happy October
Oh heeeyyy, October...
Hashtag: I LOVE YOU
Learning Target: 1) I can identify the sequence of events in the pictures and dates on a timeline.  2) I can identify and use the signal language for sequencing.  
We watched our VIDEO from Monday to reiterate the importance of chronological order.  THEN, we went back through our ancient Egyptian mummification process and created a timeline.  From the timeline, we create summaries of the process, making sure to highlight the signal words used.
READING GROUPS- Completed Literature Circles (I only had ONE student from both classes not have his/ her role!  Wahoooo!  And A Wrinkle in Time [Group D- both classes] will be finished with their book after this cycle!!!)  Next roles for Cycle 6 are due Thursday, October 9th.  
INDEPENDENT PRACTICE- Students used their timelines they created from their Social Studies reading about Christopher Columbus to write a summary, highlighting the signal words used.
HOMEWORK: Lit. Circles Cycle 6 due Thursday, October 9th.  

Learning Target: I can complete 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication equations using the standard algorithm.  
We reviewed this process for completion of 2-digit by 2-digit as students learned in 4th grade.  Next week, we are seriously stepping up or game with this!  Be prepared :)  
HOMEWORK: complete 2-digit by 2-digit Standard Algorithm practice sheet, if not completed in class.  Also, get on at least 3 of the MATH Multiplication Drills Practice websites/ pages I linked HERE (ALERT, ALERT!  CLICK THERE!!!!)

Students discussed Native Americans from the Northwest and went over vocabulary.

Students drew the Water Cycle and went over some vocabulary.
HOMEWORK: Bug Projects are due NEXT THURSDAY!  (October 9th)
Students completed a sheet about their senses and how it makes them think of God's creation.

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed FALL BREAK!  I will miss my sweet, fabulous babies so much!
Mrs. Thomas

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