Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Owen Day #3

By: Owen, Sam, Maddie, and Laura.

Class votes:
Favorite Presidents of 5T
George W. Bush = 3
George Washington = 2
Abe Lincoln = 11
Barack Obama  = 1
Ronald Reagan =3
Bill Clinton = 1

Abe Lincoln.
James Garfield = 1
William Taft = 2
I don't know = 1
Abe Lincoln Won!!!!!!

Favorite musical instruments
Drums: 8
                           Harp: 1
                           Piano: 2
                           Electric guitar: 4 

                           Violin: 1                          
                           Guitar: 7                          
                           Recorder: 2
                           Saxophone: 1
                           Harmonica: 1               
                                        Drums Win!!

 Robotics Club

Sam and I are in the Saint Mary Academy Robotics Team (SMART). We focus on STEM(science, technology, engineering, and math).  We are meeting today right after school. Our robotics team is in the FLL league (First Lego League). In robotics our team has to Make a robot and go through sir tin missions, and we have to work together to solve how to complete this sir tin missions. there is a sir tin topic we have to figure out a solution to this topic. The topic this year is world class education. There is competitions we have to go through. The first competition we do is regional. If we get through that we go on to state. If we pass that we go onto world and that is really hard!     

Sam with our robot awesome robot.
Me with our robot.
Our robot is programed to do many missions for us.

Here are some links for game websites that I like: and
 Special thanks to Sam, Maddie, and Laura.

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