Monday, October 20, 2014

Owen Day 1

                        Hi, I am ????? Owen and I am your blogger for this week!

I can't believe we won the loudest at the pep-rally!

Thoughts about the first 4H meeting...

Henry- good!
Abby- fun!
Kayla- fun!
Brandon- fun!
Owen- I thought that it was really fun and that it is a good opportunity for us.


Funny Halloween costumes would be...

  • Allison Grimes
  • Mitch McConnell
  • Barak Obama
  • Hot Dog
  • Ham Burger
  • Carrot
                                                              Mrs. Thomas's Favorite
  • A oven (she was an oven when she was pregnant with Jack)
Do you believe in ghost?????????



Yes wins!!!!!
Light Rain
                     Our meteorologist of the week...


Its raining and 49 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrr!(reading class)

Spencer's quotes
  1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  2. Easy isn't always simple.
  3. Every thing that will go wrong will go wrong.
  4. I trust no one not even my self.
  5. Wisdom is the daughter of experience.

Special thanks to Drew, Madison, Mary, Gavin, Mrs. Thomas, and Spencer. (they all helped)

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