Friday, October 24, 2014

10.24.14 - Day FORTY-NINE

Happy Friday, all!  It was Coffeehouse today!  I so enjoyed seeing all of you parents that were able to attend!  Thank you for taking a few moments from your busy morning and spending it with us here in 5T and 5S!  We appreciate you so very much!  Please be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post and check out the many pictures Kayla snapped during the Coffeehouse this morning :)  There's also important info about next week being Red Ribbon Week (this info can also be found in Mrs. Zettel's weekly SMA Newsletter)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNAH (on Sunday)!!!  We hope you have the most magnificent day and oh how we love you so!  

I have updated yesterday's POST with Kayla's Paparazzi Picks (silly, technology wouldn't cooperate); please take a moment to check it out!  Owen's last day post can be found HERE.

Also, did you know we have a mini celebrity amongst us?!?  Miss Riley Hurm (5S) was in a magazine this morning that her momma was reading during Coffeehouse!!!  It was in the current Family Living and was outside of the Louisville Slugger museum.  How cool is that?!?  AND, she has also been featured in a music video ("Bang" by the Braid) that you can view HERE and lemme just tell ya... she. looks. absolutely. BEAUTIFUL!
in the picture, you only see Riley from the back, but this is a close-up here of her from the shoot

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN analyze and describe the events from my reading.
Students completed a comprehension for learning check over the first 6 chapters of Bridge to Terabithia.  We also paid special attention to vocabulary words used in chapter 4, 5, and 6 (consolation, contempt, inefficiencies, revenge, reckon, speculation) and found antonyms (synonyms were already given) to counter them and deepen our understanding of their meaning.

Students took their test over the Water Cycle

HOMEWORK: Book Project over Native American tribe of choice due THIS MONDAY (Oct. 27th).

We had a quiz over multiplication!  It was not a major test, so no worries there, but every once in a while (okay, a lot of the whiles), teachers have got to, got to, got to assess their kiddos to see where they are with mastery of the content!  We are kind of at a crossroads currently... we have many-a student who are absolutely KILLING it with 3-digit by 3-digit multiplication, yet we have more than a few (but still not a lot) who could use some more practice...BUT we need to move onto division (because it is a LONG unit, we have A LOT to cover, and it will take AWHILE to get through [probably until Thanksgiving]) so I'm hoping we can move on and continue pulling multiplication small groups?!?  We could work on multiplication all year and still have some friends who need more practice; it IS integrated throughout the division so I'm confident we're going to be okay here.

Students learned more about the seven sacraments and Mrs. Kalmey took up the flipbooks for work at a different time.

Paws with a Purpose- When Henry ran for 4-H Club President (and ultimately won), he ran with a platform: Paws with a Purpose.  Well, he has held his word and Paws with a Purpose will be coming in on Monday to talk with us about what they do.  As 5th graders, we hope that we will be able to honor Henry's platform by participating in a fundraiser for this worthy cause.

This weekend is looking to be beyond sensational- I hope you can get out and enjoy!
Mrs. Thomas




Kayla's Paparazzi Picks - 10.24.14

Owen's handy helpers this week

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