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10.20.14 - Day FORTY-FIVE

Happy Monday, all!  That may go down in history as the fastest. weekend. ever.  Seriously!  Did you feel that way too?!?  Ay carumba!

We have a new blogger this week: it is Mr. Owen!  Please be sure to check back daily for his postings and musings- he already has some great ideas in the works!  To see his post today, click HERE

ALSO, Kayla is our new paparazzi.  Please be sure to check the bottom of this post for her pics from today (several kids from recess were acting as Jesse Aarons from Bridge to Terabithia and held a running competition at recess.  I LOVE the text-to-world connection there!)
Now this?!?  THIS absolutely makes my day!  The kiddos couldn't get over how tall my shoes were today, so of course, they wanted to take them for a test drive.  The girls handled them okay, but this kid?  Well, you can see how it went...
But hey, look at all the ladies who teamed up for the assist :)

Learning Target: I CAN make a prediction about what will happen in a work of realistic fiction using text evidence and prior knowledge.
We discussed the concept of making predictions about what we read and learned there are 4 steps in making predictions:
1) determine when there's a big events or cliffhanger and stop reading.
2) Ask yourself specific questions about what could happen next,
3) Access prior knowledge or experience to think about what could happen next.
4) Make a meaningful prediction based on text evidence.
We practiced this concept by thinking of TV shows that do this to us and discussed the reasoning behind screenwriters and authors doing this (to keep us interested and to ensure we'll continue reading or watching next week).  Then, I read this scenario aloud and asked students to continue it, writing what they predict to happen next and we shared our writings.  Mrs. Schleg's class was FANTASTIC at this...what terrific writers we have in that class!

We then put this concept into action with our book we're reading aloud as a class, Bridge to Terabithia, by identifying the cliffhangers at the end of each chapter we've read so far and completing a matrix to finalize each step in the making predictions process.

READING GROUPS: 1) Completed predictions chart for chapters 1-3 (and then 4, if applicable within time allotment); 2) Revisited and completed chapters 1-3 vocabulary and questions; 3) Read chapter 4 of Bridge and added cliffhanger to matrix
INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: 1) Read chapter 4 of Bridge... 2) Completed chapters 1-3 vocabulary and questions (From Friday)
HOMEWORK: Book Projects due Nov. 6th (A Wrinkle in Time- due Oct. 30th).  REMINDER: Comprehension tests can be taken ANYTIME between now and due date of project!

Students went over the chapter 7 review sheet with Mrs. Kalmey's sub, Mrs. Romine and completed a worksheet.
HOMEWORK: Study Guide due Oct. 22nd (Wednesday); Test is FRIDAY (Oct. 24th)

Students learned Mandan's Indians and their housing.
HOMEWORK: Read pages 81 and 82 in S.S. textbook, if you did not complete it in class

Learning Target: 1) I can multiply with zeros in the MULTIPLIER.  2)  I can multiply a 3-digit number by a 3-digit number.
We reviewed our 3-digit by 3-digit practice page we completed last Thursday (Friday we did no get to because of 4-H Club) and then worked on problems with a zero in the multiplier as that can throw a wrench into our game if we're not sure how to proceed once those present themselves in a problem (Ex: 765 x 504 <--see the zero in 504?  If we're not sure how to handle it, these can be tricky [and risky] business!).
Page 81 #s 5-14 
With zeros in the multiplier, there are two methods to the madness- a long way where you identify zeros in each place value step along the way... -OR- the short way where you mark the zeros and go about business as usual

HOMEWORK: BOTH classes- WORKBOOK page 22 (all problems, due Wednesday)

Mrs. Romine did an intro into the next chapter which is Chapter 2: The Seven Sacraments

Tomorrow is RESOURCE DAY!
Other IMPORTANT NEWS for your knowledge bank...

Have a magnificent Monday, my friends!
Mrs. Thomas

Kayla's Paparazzi pics for today, Monday, October 20th, 2014

Bridge to Terabithia runners:

Kayla and her photobomber, Andrew

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