Friday, October 17, 2014

10.17.14 - Day FORTY-FOUR: Pink OUT

Friiiiiday, my peeps!  Fri. Day.  Whew. This was a SUPER fast week, if I do say so myself, but you may be thinking otherwise.  Whatever your story, I hope I find you well, wonderful, and ready for a great weekend with your family.

Today is Abby P.'s (Schleg's homeroom) birthday!!!  Happy, HAPPY Birthday you fabulous thing!  Oh how we love you so!

We started our most glorious day of the week on quite a low note (the exact opposite of how a Friday should begin)...  
As I said yesterday, I had to leave early for an appt.  The students were left with our Instructional Assistant, Mrs. Pfeifer, someone in which they are already familiar and for only an hour and 15 minutes.  I came back to a desk partially covered in post-it notes about our class as a whole with specific students' behavior individually noted as well.  To say this was incredibly disappointing and defeating is a significant understatement!  Holy moly.  Here we just had a HUGE "Come to Jesus" meeting about our excessive talking and behavior together and with Mrs. Zettel, yet we couldn't keep it together for. one. hour.?!?  How are they supposed to handle 7 hours a day come baby time in January?!?  Gulp.  Needless to say, I was hot, hot, HOT.  I regrouped my feelings and got myself collected (having the students journal during this time about the afternoon), we discussed it thoroughly, and then we put a consequences plan into action (If your student was one of the names specifically noted, I emailed you about it for follow up at home).  I am not a big fan of mass consequences, but it was said that most of our class was unruly and unacceptable at dismissal...something I have harped and harped upon as we have practiced and practiced and practiced and I have preached and preached and preached about.  They KNOW the expectations and simply stated, it was inexcusable and unacceptable.  Thus, we separated our desks and will have assigned seats everywhere we go for a while.  Students are NO longer allowed to sit in groups because they have not demonstrated capabilities of handling that privilege.  Keeli and Abby's Purple Nation of Drew, Isabelle, Laura, and Ava, however, is the only table allowed to remain together in a "Champions" group (others may be permitted to join along the way as they slowly and surely earn back this privilege).  Hopefully, our strategies towards consequences will finally resonate within these kiddos to keep it together as MATURE 5th graders!

Sidenote: You'll need this info about our wildness and talkativeness in a little bit, towards the bottom of this post...

Now, onto the rest of our day...
Learning Target: I CAN identify the realistic elements of realistic fiction by making personal connections.
We reviewed the elements of realistic fiction and then continued our reading of Bridge to Terabithia. (NOTE, we are only 8 books short!  If you have them at home, send those bad boys IN!) by going through chapters 1-3 and then answering some questions for comprehension as well as vocabulary necessary for our understanding.  We made connections to happenings in the story, determining their being within the realm of possibility.
HOMEWORK: none- Book Projects due Nov. 6th for Groups A, B, C, and E; Oct. 30th for Group D (A Wrinkle in Time).

Students discussed clouds and watched two videos about the water cycle.
HOMEWORK: Chapter 7 (in book) Review due Monday Oct. 20th; Test Oct. 24th (Study Guide due Oct. 22nd)

Students read about the Navajo and the Hopi Indian tribes
HOMEWORK: Book Reports over Native American tribe of choice due Oct. 27th

We had 4H Club!  Our new officers were inducted into their positions and led their very first meeting!
Tee-hee...doesn't this look like Henry?!? (Thomas class President)
the officers were inducted into their positions in a candlelit ceremony!  This is The Thomas Club
Schleg President in action - Nate

Schleg VP, Stiles

Schleg Reporter, Spencer

Schleg Secretary, Lucas

the Schleg Club Assistant is Margaret, but she was absent, so Emma filled in today :)

The VP and Reporter

Students earned some FREE time with games!

Our cheerleaders did such a FABULOUS job!  and Guess what? Remember when I said to remember the info about us being wild and talkative?!?  Wellllll... WE WON THE SPIRIT COMPETITION at the Pep Rally, hosted by the cheerleaders!!!  Are you surprised?  I'm not.  I feel vindicated.  Hahahahahahaha!!!  The kids are so proud.  What a great feeling  :)
silly, silly boys

sweet girls!  Abby, Laura, Keeli, Ava, and Isabelle worked super hard on getting posters together this morning!  Didn't they do a terrific job?!?  They take such good care of us :)

Videos of our cheer girls in action:

Other SUUUUPER silly videos for your viewing pleasure...

if THAT didn't make your day, I don't know what will! 

Ava's paparazzi picks for today:

Important Info:

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