Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10.8.14 - Day THIRTY-SEVEN

Hump Day, friends, and what a beautiful one it is!  I mean...WOWZA!!!  We enjoyed some extra minutes outside today due to our many compliments from Resource Day yesterday (did I not mention that yesterday?!?  I had THREE different teachers make it a point to go out of their way and stop by and see me to tell me how absolutely wonderful these babies were in their resource classes!!!  What MUSIC to this gal's ears!) and what a terrific day it was for that!  Thank you, babies, for being so awesome yesterday so that we may enjoy this fabulousness today!  Now, whaddya say we whip this behavior up everyday?!?

Learning Target: 1) I can identify the sequence of events in the pictures and dates on a timeline.  2) I can identify and use the signal language for sequencing.
We are continuing our study of using sequencing to summarize events of a text.  We practiced with reading a Scientific process for measuring weights of stuffed animals, and then read about the Titanic where students then had to find the most important events and put them in order on an organizer.
This is from our Measuring Weights scientific process reading activity
READING GROUPS: Students continued reading article about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where they are created a life-size timeline about the events of his life (they have to determine these from their reading of the text) using index cards <--this is such an advanced concept and they are doing GREAT!
INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Students also continued studying a timeline of the lives of Jackie and Rachel Robinson to write a summary based off of the events.
HOMEWORK: Literature Circle Roles DUE TOMORROW (Thursday, Oct. 9th); Reading Logs due Friday (with awesome, clear and concise summaries!)

Students reviewed vocabulary that was due today and discussed the Water Cycle in their textbooks.
HOMEWORK: Bug projects due tomorrow (10/9)

The students learned about the Makah Indians, reading pages 74-75 with Mrs. Kalmey.

Learning Target: I can estimate products of whole numbers and money amounts.
We reviewed our workbook page from homework (page 18), looking at the estimated amounts, and used the method of making the numbers as easy as possible to multiply (rounding to the nearest tens and hundreds) and then using our patterns of multiplication (with zeros) trick to get our final multiplied estimate.  Then, we practiced with the concept of using estimation to determine prices by using THIS school store supply list and answering some questions found within.  Once students completed these, we stepped up our practice and made it more rigorous and challenging by answering some more difficult questions about the shopping list:

HOMEWORK: none (use your time to do some awesome final touches on those Bug Projects!)

Also, special request... we have been using our expensive graphing calculators in math and have come across an issue: most to all batteries are DEAD...ahhhh!  We are in desperate need of about 100 AAA batteries (yes, THAT many- each calculator takes 4, so that's how many are dead!) to get all of these calculators up and running for our use in mathematics instruction and practice.  Might you be able/ willing to send in a pack to donate to our cause, please?!?  I figure if everyone is willing to send in a pack, we should be up to full working capacity in the calculator arena in no time.  Thank you so, so much in advance :)

Students read about St. Damian and learned about missionaries as well as the leprosy disease as well as Ebola.

**Tomorrow is MASS!  5S is in charge of Liturgy so we'll have many friends we know participating in the service!
**It is NOT too late to send in donations for the Monarch Mile (Monarch Mile is FRIDAY at 10 A.M. -  we will be walking 1.4 miles)
**HOMECOMING is this Friday!
**Have you seen Hannah's posts?!?  She got to go to Disney World last week and had an awesome time with some amazing experiences and lucky for us, she is our blogger this week so we are getting some great feedback from her travels!  Check her out :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

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