Monday, October 6, 2014

10.6.14 - Day THIRTY-FIVE

Welcome back, Friends!  Ay carumba, that was a FAST break!  I hope it was wonderful for you and your family!  The students journaled about their breaks this morning and I wrote about mine HERE.

It's this one's special day!  Happy Birthday, Matthew!  You are one super kind, super silly friend who is a bright light of radiance and we love you so!

Learning Target: 1) I can identify the sequence of events in the pictures and dates on a timeline or in a reading passage.  2) I can identify and use the signal language for sequencing the chronological order of events from a passage or timeline.
We are stepping up our sequencing game here in our Language Arts block!  Students practiced using a timeline to write a summary, using signal words to highlight the order of events in which they occurred.  We practiced this using the basic operation of creating a PB&J sandwich by putting those steps on a timeline and then using the timeline to write a summary.  Then, we used a recipe from THIS WEBSITE and put it in order of steps for creating the dough.
READING GROUPS- Students read an article about the life of Martin Luther King Jr.  They will be using key points and information from this article to put onto index cards and then string together, creating a life-size timeline.
INDEPENDENT PRACTICE- A timeline about the Lives of Jackie and Rachel and Robinson was given to the students.  They then had to take this timeline and put it into a summary, highlighting signal words used.

HOMEWORK: reading logs sent home- these are due BY FRIDAY (and I need more than 1 word summaries here!  Give me at least one sentence beyond "interesting...funny..." etc.).  Lit. Circles Cycle 6 due Thursday, 10/9

Students looked at a map to see where the Chinook Indians were located.
HOMEWORK: canoe worksheet due Wednesday

Students read pages in their textbooks about the Water Cycle
HOMEWORK: Define Vocabulary words found on page 195; Bug Projects due THIS Thursday, Oct. 9th!

Learning Target: I can estimate products of whole numbers and money amounts.
First, we watched THIS VIDEO.  Then, we used THIS website to guide instruction where we learned the necessity and importance of finding the estimates vs. finding exact amounts.  We practiced with finding both and determining reasonableness by using THESE problems and our applicable/ relevant workbook page.

HOMEWORK: Math #1: Finish Workbook page 18, #s 1-16; Math #2: Workbook page 18, #s 1-16

After talking about a scripture, students had to rewrite in their own words what John was saying.
HOMEWORK: complete Cryptogram worksheet

**tomorrow is RESOURCE DAY
**MONARCH MILE is THIS FRIDAY.  Turn in donations asap!  A donation of at least $50 earns the privilege of wearing Spirit Wear ALL WEEK!

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