Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Fall Break

I cannot wait to hear about your fall break!  How was it?!?  Did you miss me as much as I missed you??  I hope not!  I really hope you were not missing me or missing school, it was your break- a time off from reality!  I was busy, but thought of you all often and thus, I thought I'd offer a glimpse into what I was up to.
Can you guess where we are here...?!!?  Bet you can't!  Find the answer below :)
We went to Indianapolis to see Mr. Thomas's parents on Friday...
someone was SUUUUPER excited to be heading to see his Mamaw and Papaw.  While we loaded up the car, he sat in his seat just like this!
Friday Night, we ate at a place called Wings, etc.  It was like Buffalo Wild Wings, but better!  It was seriously awesome.  Not only did we have wings and spicy cheese balls (not as good as F.A.B.D.'s though!), we had "Redneck Cheese Fries" which were curly fries covered in Cheddar, Mozzarella, and PepperJack cheeses, as well as pulled pork BBQ, chili, and bacon.  They. were. heaven.!  And suuuuuper bad for you, so I didn't indulge too much!
Jack chatted up the waitress, ordered for himself, counted for and talked to everyone nearby, and made several friends with the kiddos and families at the tables next to us.  We left, did some shopping for Jack's big boy bed (Baby Harry is getting his current one), and then it was time to head home because it was bedtime.
Saturday morning, we woke up, bundled up, and headed off to Indianapolis Zoo!  Let me first reiterate... it. was. FREEZING!  It was only 34 degrees when we got to the zoo at 10 A.M., but we carried on our way- we had animals to see and things to do!  We immediately headed to the aquarium area where we pet some sharks, saw: stingrays, the walruses (who flirted BIG time with the real Mrs. Thomas (Mr. Thomas's mother & Jack's Mamaw), a sleepy polar bear, seals, sea lions, and several fishys... but the highlight was the incredible dolphin show! These bad boys were SO awesome and did incredible tricks!  Jack was delighted to say the least, as was I!

they had a HUGE tank and did some seriously crazy jumps, flips, and tricks.  We could've hung out with them all day!
After seeing the dolphins, Jack was DYING to see the Uncle Joes (the Orangutans- he calls them this because of their hair.  Yes, he thinks HIS real Uncle Joe is super hairy, so now, that is what we call Orangutans).  These crazy guys were allowed to climb up on top of these towers outside in the open air high above us (we're talking 70-80 feet) and well, it was quite a show!
This was, "Rocky" out doing his thing about 75ft up!
This is J's real Uncle Joe after finishing the Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon last year (Jack even brought his stuffed Uncle Joe to the finish line to cheer for and support him on)... and see?  He's not that hairy, so it makes it even more silly that Jack calls Orangutans that.  It means we love our Uncle Joe so much that we can be silly and poke fun WITH him and it doesn't make him sad :) 

Okay, back to our Fall Break action...
We then headed off to see many other animals --> lions, tigers, cheetahs, hyenas, rhinos, elephants, flamingos, desert habitat creatures, baboons, etc. (sadly, it was too cold to feed the birds), but we did get to feed the giraffes!  Jack was SO pumped because he LOVES giraffes.
No, I was NOT zoomed in, this was literally how close we were to the giraffe!

looking pretty apprehensive, but trust me, he put on his brave big boy pants and rose to the challenge by feeding that giraffe!
Mr. Thomas snapped this immediately after feeding the giraffes

Roar-ing at the lion and lioness

Rhino watching with his Mamaw and Papaw

brrrrrrr... it was so windy and cold!

Once we saw most of the animals we wished to see, we had to leave because it was so, so cold and baby boy was hungry, but not before he got his grandparents into the gift shop where he got himself a brand new stuffed giraffe for the occasion.  "Jerry-raffe" now accompanies our little buddy everywhere he goes.  No seriously, it's his new BFF.  

the Bubby waiting to be seated for lunch after the zoo
We got lunch, did some more shopping, and then headed home for naptime.  Jack was tired too.  Ha! He got up, we went out to dinner and then came home to watch this fabulousness!!!  I mean seriously...what. a. game.!

The game was WAAAAAY past my bedtime, but was so very worth it.  I woke up so tired, but still so excited!  We had to get on the road early because Mr. Thomas's parents were off to Lucas Oil Stadium for the Colts vs. Ravens game (the Colts WON!) and we too had to get home in time for Mr. T. to watch the game himself.  I beat Mr. T twice at the alphabet game on that drive from Indy to L'ville today while J enjoyed his new DVD from his Mamaw and Papaw (he is so spoiled!).  

Jack and I spent our Sunday at Kroger and Whole Foods, followed by installing a new bookshelf in his room and baking cookies, all the while, Mr. T enjoyed loads of football and I whipped up some delicious homemade chili for our crispy, cool fall Sunday dinner and worked on school stuff too.  
excuse his bedhead- he had just awoken from a nap :)

he was SO proud of his cookies he made for Mommy and Daddy (he did not like them for himself- crazy kid!)
It was a quick, but fun fall break and I hope yours was delightful too!  I can't wait to see you and hear all about your time off tomorrow!  

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