Thursday, October 30, 2014

10.30.14 - Day FIFTY-THREE

All Hallow's Eve eve, party peeps!  Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!!!  Spooooooky.  What will be spooky is the weather if it goes like it's forecast!  Yikes.
Tomorrow, students may wear something orange and black or Halloween themed with jeans if they would like.  It is our Halloween party at 1:45PM!

We had the first of our Literature Circles (Group D) to present their projects and special shout-out to 5S- you guys did absolutely AMAZING!

Students completed their file folders and went over homework from last night
HOMEWORK: read pages 90-95; complete Study Guide by Monday

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN use division facts and patterns with zero to divide by multiples of 10, 100, 1000.
By mastering division patterns with multiples of 10, 100, and 1000, students prepare themselves to divide larger dividends by larger divisors.  Students should use the patterns they learn in this lesson to divide mentally which was our goal!

HOMEWORK: workbook page 27

Students took their RELIGION test with Mrs. Kalmey

Mrs. Kalmey 
(this is what Mrs. Zettel sent to the staff this afternoon- I modified it a bit to fit our blog posting today for you 5th grade parents):
Sadly, tomorrow is also Mrs. Kalmey's last day.  When Mrs. Kalmey first accepted this position, it was for a four-to-six week assignment (we had thought that Mrs. Schleg would be back in 4 weeks). At that time, Mrs. Kalmey had informed Mrs. Zettel that she would not be available after that time, but when we found out that Mrs. Schleg could be gone longer, she was begged to stay as long as she could because she is a wonderful teacher and has done such a fantastic job with our students.  She is now finishing her sixth week, but the time has come that she needs to leave :(  

In the meantime between now and Mrs. Schleg's return, we have a new long-term substitute teacher coming in tomorrow to work with Mrs. Kalmey and myself.  Ms. Allison Ray will be teaching in Mrs. Schleg’s place until Mrs. Schleg returns. Ms. Ray will also be taking over my duties when I am out on maternity leave come January. We are fortunate to have Ms. Ray spend some time with our students now, so that the transition in January will be much easier and the students will know their substitute teacher.

Ms. Ray has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Spalding University. (She is also a nurse – wow!) Mrs. Zettel interviewed many to find the perfect fit for our sweet babies here in 5th grade and she comes highly recommended. 

We want to thank Mrs. Kalmey for all she has done these past six weeks. She has made fifth grade a great place to be in Mrs. Schleg’s absence; she has held our children accountable; made learning fun for them; and cared for each and every one of them. We appreciate all she has done for SMA!

Have a spooktacular evening!
Mrs. Thomas

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