Thursday, October 16, 2014

10.16.14 - Day FORTY-THREE

Let me start off this Thursday post by letting you know how absolutely WONDERFUL our babies were in mass today!  To say I am proud of them is a significant understatement!  Matthew and Kayla were beyond extraordinary in their roles as readers.  I am certain that getting up in front of 500+ people is a HUGE feat (mentally, emotionally...) and comes with many shakes and nerves and anxieties, but they handled it better than I could have ever anticipated or imagined and were brilliant! I am just so proud of them!  I knew they'd be terrific, but WOW...they exceeded that tenfold.  Baylee, Gavin, and Laura were shining leaders as servers and Keeli, Owen, Maddie, Isabelle, Abby, Sam, Courtney, and Brandon were the smiliest, most positive gift bearers I've seen.  Seriously, they were BEAMING and it was too, too cute :)

Father Jack discussed kindness, service to and acceptance of all, no matter background or appearance.

Then, we practiced our tornado drill in the church basement, so that meant we had a bit shorter...
I passed out the guidelines and discussed expectations and directions for the Book Projects.  ALL groups (EXCEPT Group D) have these projects due by NOVEMBER 6TH.  They will have some time to work in class on the 24th and 30th, but the majority of these projects will be completed at home.  Students had 28 options to choose from and were instructed to pick the option that best suited their learning style and interests.  One major point worth noting is that the comprehension test over the book factors into the project grade and MUST be completed PRIOR to Nov. 6th.  The student can work on the review questions, using his/ her book and with group members and then take the comprehension test (individually and without any aids) whenever he/ she are ready up until Nov. 6th.
Please review these guidelines and project ideas with your student.  They all know they should begin working as soon as possible in order to apply best effort and complete quality work.  These won't be an easy grade and expectations are high :)
HOMEWORK: work on projects/ review questions for books 

Students checked over homework and discussed upcoming assessment as well as the Water Treatment Plant and the Water Cycle.

Students checked over homework with Mrs. Kalmey.

Learning Target: I CAN multiply 3-digit by 3-digit numbers.
I had to leave early for an appt. by this point, so I had Mrs. Pfeifer (our Instructional Assistant) work with our students on more 3-digit by 3-digit multiplication practice.
HOMEWORK: Complete worksheet from class (and YES, PLEASE use scratch paper for additional work space!  ALSO, please work these out as well and allow your student to compare his/ her answers with yours to identify any mistakes and correct them.  We want them to be able to pinpoint mistakes and correct them as this is also a HUGE part of the learning process!)

Master Gardener came to work with the students!

Tomorrow is Friiiiiiiday!  And it is our Pink-out Pep Rally!  Please see the newsletter about that below:

Have a thrilling Thursday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

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