Monday, October 27, 2014

10.27.14 - Day FIFTY

FIFTIETH day of school, people.  Yes, you read me correctly...5-0!  Whoa.  It is going suuuuper fast! Do you concur?!?  I feel like I just met these babies and now it is November as of this weekend?!? Holy moly!  We have a NEW blogger this week (Maddie)! To see her post today, click HERE.  Also, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see picks from our new photographer, Ian.

Paws with Purpose came and presented for us today about who they are and what they do.  We will be discussing this worthy cause with students and determining if using this as a 5th grade fundraiser is a feasible venture.  Please ask your student about what they learned and visit the website by clicking HERE.

Reminder, this week is RED RIBBON WEEK!  It was lovely seeing all the babes in their comfy apparel today!  Tomorrow's theme is: "Love Yourself" (students may wear red on top with uniform bottoms).  Please see the charts below for further reference of theme days...

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN identify two plot conflicts in the text (character vs. character; character vs. self).
We are learning about the different types of conflict within a story.  A story is not a story without a conflict in some capacity.  The 4 main types of conflict are: character vs. character (man vs. man); character vs. nature (man vs. nature); character vs. society (man vs. society); and character vs. self (man vs. self) as seen/ discussed in this VIDEO from class and shown below:


We are focusing upon character vs. character and character vs. self for our book, Bridge to Terabithia and practiced by reading a role-play scenario to identify the types of conflict present:

We then looked some identifiable conflicts from chapter 4 as noted below:

READING GROUPS: Students were instructed to write, create, and direct a role-play scenario of their own demonstrating the two types of plot conflict in which we are studying.  

INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Students worked with one partner to identify plot conflicts in chapters 5&6, then created a conflict card (on an index card) similar to the chart shown above, answering the questions, "Who is the conflict between?  What is the cause of the conflict?  Describe the tension of the conflict."  They then used these index cards to fill these questions out in depth and detail on the following descriptive sheet due to me:


Students presented their Social Studies book report projects :)
HOMEWORK: none in Science; Study Guide due for Social Studies on Nov. 3rd, TEST is Friday, Nov. 7th.

Students completed their multiplication quiz from Friday and did some additional multiplication practice with two-step word problems in their workbooks on page 24.  We also reviewed how to correctly (and thoroughly) answer an extended-response question.

HOMEWORK: none (we're beginning DIVISION on Wednesday!)

Students completed a Study Guide and learned about Father Miguel Pro.
HOMEWORK: Study Guide due THIS Wednesday; test is Thursday  

TOMORROW is RESOURCE DAY and WEAR RED day for Red Ribbon Week.  Students may wear red top with uniform bottoms.  

Have a terrific evening, all!
Mrs. Thomas

Ian's Paparazzi Picks - 10.27.14

Paws with Purpose came and presented to us today!  Learn more about them HERE

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