Thursday, October 9, 2014

10.9.14 - Day THIRTY-EIGHT: the day of the bugs

Happy Thursday, all!  I hope today has been wonderful for you!  Students from Mrs. Schleg's class were phenomenal in their parts of the Liturgy today!  Emma H. and Luke C. (and Baylee from our class) were servers; Alyssa read (and was AWESOME, by the way!); Sophia led prayer (beautifully!); and Abby P., Hailey, Janie, Alexis, Connor, Savannah, Lucas, and Matthew were gift bearers.  Way to go guys, we are proud of you always and you represented the 5th grade well!
Also, today is BUG PROJECT DAY!!!  I am so proud of all of the amazing work that was sent in!  You guys found some CRAZY bugs and these projects are fantastic!  Excellent work!
Look at all the projects on display out in our hallway... pretty maids allllll in a row :)

Father Jack discussed leaving your spiritual door open to the Lord.

1) I can identify the sequence of events in the pictures and dates on a timeline. 2) I can identify and use the signal language for sequencing.
Students got in Literature Circles and did their last roles for these books.  All are assigned to complete their books by next Thursday, but do not have to do a role because there are many more pages to read than usual.  Students will begin their projects upon their books next week and these will be due by November 6th.  A Wrinkle in Time people were assigned their projects today- these are due by Oct. 30th (because they already finished their books).  If your student comes home with his/ her project sheet, please note which project he/ she selected and begin the design/ construction process as these are a huge grade.  I have given (or will be giving) each group a large set of review questions about their book- the group can work on these together or independently and at their convenience as they are a study tool for the final test for comprehension over that chapter book.  The final test for comprehension over the chapter book can be taken any time the student wishes prior to the due date of their project as this is a large component of their overall project grade as well.  Does this make sense?  Hopefully it does, but you know where to reach me if it does not :)
Also, if your student does not come home with the project sheet today, do NOT worry, this just means they are finishing their chapter book before next Thursday as they are not in the Wrinkle in Time group.
HOMEWORK: complete reading of chapter book before next Thursday (10/16); Reading Logs (with exceptional, clear and concise summaries) are due tomorrow for this week

Here are the Book report Project Ideas and Guidelines to choose from for your perusing...

Students got to present their BUG projects!  We are bugging out over the bugs in here!!
Abbi B's



Students completed a picture on two groups of Indian tribes

Learning Target: I can estimate products of whole numbers and money amounts.  2) I can multiply a 3-digit number by a 3-digit number (Math 2 only).
We completed our estimating Shopping List activity from yesterday (most of us, actually) and then in Math 2, we moved on to begin learning how to multiply a 3-digit number by a 3-digit number.

**TOMORROW is the Monarch Mile beginning at 10 A.M.!  Yes, you may attend and walk with your student.  If it is raining, we will still have the walk, but in the gym.  Students who got a t-shirt may wear them tomorrow with jeans or other acceptable bottoms of their choosing (except for yoga pants)
**HOMECOMING is TOMORROW, beginning at 6PM

Tomorrow is Friday!
Mrs. Thomas

NEXT WEEK: 5T is in charge for the planning of Liturgy-
SERVERS: Baylee, Gavin, and Laura
READERS: Matthew and Kayla (prayer)
GIFT BEARERS: Keeli, Owen, Maddie, Isabelle, Abby, Sam, Courtney, and Brandon

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