Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10.29.14 - Day FIFTY-TWO

Happy Hump Day, my friends!  This week is flying by!  All these sweet babies are going to be oh so very precious and wonderful in their costumes before we know it- Friday is hours away...eeeee!  I cannot wait to see pictures, so if you get a moment this weekend, please shoot me an email of your kiddo in costume.  I'd like to create a little bulletin board in our classroom to show off all of our lovelies in their 2014 Halloween get ups.

Maddie's post is HERE and yesterday's is HERE.  Please be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for Ian's paparazzi picks for today!

LIVING ROSARY: ...was terrific!  What a testament of the faith of our students, staff, and school and I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to serve in prayer together this morning.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN identify two plot conflicts in the text (character vs. character and character vs. self).
We reviewed the characteristics of Realistic Fiction and discussed WHY Bridge to Terabithia is an excellent example of this genre. It was also necessary at this point to review plot conflicts (character vs. character; character vs. self) and what comprises them (cause of conflict; characters involved; description of the tension present because of the conflict, etc.).  Realistic Fiction VIDEO; Types of Conflict VIDEO.
HOMEWORK: complete chapters 4-6 comprehension & conflict packet if unfinished from class

Due to our shortened schedule from the Living Rosary, students did not have Science instruction today.

Students worked on organizer of Indian tribes and read about the Iroquois. Sadly, 5T was FARRRRR too talkative, needy, and inattentive for Mrs. Kalmey to get much covered on the study guide for the upcoming assessment tomorrow which is rather unfortunate and sad to say the very least. 
HOMEWORK: read pages 87-88 of textbook; be sure you know answers to questions 1 & 3; Test is Wednesday

Learning Target: I CAN use multiplication facts to find related division facts that I can apply to rules of division.
We dipped our toes into division today by reviewing content we have already seen in 3rd and 4th grades, and reviewed the concept of division.  

Textbook page 96
Math #2 took a Division pre-test to see if any students can be added to a Challenger/ Enrichment Project Group for this unit.
HOMEWORK: workbook page, 26; AND correct incorrect questions from Quiz handed back today.

Students reviewed study guides in preparation for tests tomorrow.  

Tomorrow is MASS!  Friday is our Halloween Party at 1:45 PM and Saturday, our 5th/ 6th grade football babies play in the TOY BOWL at St. X at 12:30 PM!!!!  We are so proud of them and hope everyone can attend in support of the SMA team!  
Have a way out and wonderful evening!
Mrs. Thomas 

Ian's Paparazzi Picks 10.29.14

Chase wore this yesterday.  As a 90s teenager, I was quite fond of one Mr. Biggie Smalls (the Notorious B.I.G.) so when he showed up in this shirt he scored in Vegas, I HAD to snap a pic to send to Mr. Thomas who'd appreciate it verrrrry much and share with you, my friends!  It. is. FANTASTIC.   And well, it made my day!

Alexis brought me a special treat today!  Aren't these glasses a hoot?!?  We are posing like it is totes normal...

I am CRACKING up at Alexis's face here!  She is so NOT  serious gal, so I love it!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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