Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10.15.14 - Day FORTY-TWO

Happy day to you, Wednesday edition!  October 15th has been a day of terrific acclaim for us (school-wise, at least).  I hope yours has been magnificent too.  Thank you for your support of and responses to our behavior letter posted yesterday- all of us working together towards one common goal equals tremendous success for these extraordinary babies!

Learning Target: I can identify the realistic elements of realistic fiction by making personal connections.
We began our new unit upon Realistic Fiction.  We first watched THIS short clip to determine our new genre of focus and discussed WHY and HOW this is a work of realistic fiction (the dog is real, the Humane Society is a real place, the situation with the dog can actually happen, etc.).  Then, we learned some important notes about Realistic Fiction from THIS video and got more practice and insight using THIS clip as well.  Finally, we reviewed all elements of Realistic Fiction through a poster created to help us know what to look for when analyzing a fictional text to determine realism or it being within the realm of possibility.  Students then discussed with a partner some movies and books they've seen or read recently and used the elements of realistic fiction to analyze the plot, setting, and characters to determine if it was within the realm of possibility to make it a Realistic Fiction text.  Throughout this unit, we will be reading and analyzing the book, Bridge to Terabithia, as support of our concept.

NOTE: IF you/ your student has this book (Bridge to Terabithia) at home and are willing to send it in with your student (for his/ her own personal use ONLY!) please do so as we only have 12 books to share amongst 57 fifth graders (and it is an absolutely phenomenal asset to this unit so we must use it, for sure!)  Several students have shared that they personally own this book and asked if they could use their own copy and of course, I am happily to oblige in that request!

READING GROUPS: Students used their Literature Circle chapter books to look for realistic elements in characters, setting, and plot and recorded them on a graphic organizer to reiterate and practice our skill of focus.
INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Students were given some scenarios and asked to analyze/ determine if they were realistic. Then, they made personal connections to each.
HOMEWORK: finish reading Literature Circle books; Reading Logs due Friday

Students studied groundwater and watched several videos, completing a worksheet.
HOMEWORK: Complete last question from groundwater worksheet

Students went over vocabulary definitions about Northwest Indians.
HOMEWORK: complete worksheet which is answering questions about the Kachinas

Learning Target: I can multiply 3-digit by 3-digit numbers.
We reviewed our workbooks pages that were assigned for homework on Monday.  We were able to quickly move through the zeros in the multiplicand concept, but we needed muuuuuch more practice with the concept of 3-digit by 3-digit multiplication.  Thus, I did several example problems with the students and posted the answers to the workbook pages on the SMARTboard.  They then compared their products with the products I posted and circled any mistakes or problems in which they were incorrect.  I asked them to redo any problems in which their answers did not match mine and then identify their mistakes made.  If they could not find their mistakes, they reworked them with a partner or with me and again located their mistakes.  It was a teaching for learning opportunity and we took advantage of those mistakes to learn and grow from them in our quest to become more advanced mathematicians.
HOMEWORK: MATH #1: rework missed problems from page 21 to find mistakes.  MATH #2: complete worksheet assigned
Just in case you wanted to see lattice with 3-digit by 3-digit or 4-digit by 3-digit.  It can be done :)

workbook page 21 answers

Students took their religion test!
HOMEWORK: none- but bring in a soda can for Master Gardener time tomorrow

Tomorrow is MASS and 5T is in charge of the reading and gift bearing.  Servers are: Baylee, Gavin, and Laura.  Readers are: Matthew and Kayla (prayer).  Gift Bearers are: Keeli, Owen, Maddie, Isabelle, Abby, Sam, Courtney, and Brandon.  We are so very proud of our babies participating in the service!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Mrs. Thomas

PS, Have you SEEN Ava's pics today?!?  She is one exceptional paparazzi!  See below :)

...But first, here is a flyer about our PINK OUT PEP RALLY on Friday!

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