Friday, October 10, 2014

Featured Post: A day in the life of Hannah!!!

Every morning I wake up to a alarm clock. This morning I was not in the mood to wake up.

6:29...BOOOOOOO!  After getting up, I immediately get dressed in my SMA attire...
My dad always makes me breakfast while I am still sleeping.  This morning, it was cinnamon toast.  Yes, PLAIN cinnamon toast- yummy!  This is my typical morning go-to breakfast :)

After breakfast, I get the stink off my breath by brushing my teeth before heading out the door

I get and prepare my backpack for the school day before loading up in the car

Every Friday morning I get ride in the car with my mom because she gets to go into work a little late.

You can never start a school day without putting your backpack away in your locker.

                                                                      Morning work!!


Me blogging!!

                                            I always have to check the schedule.

                                           Getting all of my books together for the day!!

                                       Me and Mrs. Thomas at the monarch mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some friends and me at the Monarch Mile...

After the Monarch Mile, we watched Monster's Inc. to settle down

I ate lunch at 11:35.  Today was LUNCH BUNCH in the classroom where we continued watching Monster's Inc.!  Surprise, surprise, it was my usual lunch of noodles!  I also had 3 Oreos and water 

After lunch, I practiced my dance routine with my fellow cheerleaders for tonight and played with friends outside, wearing my super soft and fuzzy gloves:

When we came in from Recess, I had to get my books that I gathered this morning and head over to Mrs. Kalmey for Science and Social Studies time.  We worked on finishing our sentences and pictures and had a pop quiz over the Makah.  

After over 45 minutes there, I came back to the classroom for Reading with Mrs. Thomas where I worked on my summary for the Jackie Robinson timeline and my timeline of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. article

at 2:30, I am sent to pack up since I am a bus rider

I LOVE school :)

Here I am packed up at the end of the front of my locker!
My school day ends at 2:40 as I wait for bus riders to be dismissed.  Here I am waiting with Kayla to be dismissed.

School is OVER for this week!  I am off to enjoy my weekend! Tonight, I perform with my cheerleading squad at Homecoming!

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