Monday, October 13, 2014

10.13.14 - Day FORTY

What dreary Monday, we have amongst us, Friends.  Yikes!  I don't know about you, but it made the drive to work all that much more difficult.  No worries, once I saw the bright, smiling faces of these sweet babies, the dreariness subsided and we were good to go!  It was sunshine after the rain :)
We have a new job in our class from here on out- it is the PHOTOGRAPHER!!!  Ava is our first to take on this role and snapped some pics at recess today.  Be sure to check the blog each day for a view on life from the perspective of our awesome kiddos!  Pics from today can be found below...

Students are adjusting to much more difficult morning work because I am asking them questions in a continuous state of review- a spiral, if you will and they're constantly having to access that prior knowledge in order to keep it at the forefront of their minds.
Morning Work Example

Today was our final day with chronological order and sequencing.  Students are great with pinpointing order of events, but have needed much more practice with pulling out significant events and writing summaries of timelines given.  Thus, we reiterated and practiced that skill constantly over the past 2 weeks and students are doing much better.  Their culminating assignment was creating the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. life-size timeline using index cards as well as writing a summary of the Jackie Robinson article in which they were assigned for reading.
We completed some guided practice with these skills using THIS site and THIS site first and then later I allowed the students time for completion of their major projects.
HOMEWORK: none- but final readings of Literature Circle book MUST be completed by Thursday! Group D (A Wrinkle in Time), your completed projects are due Thursday, October 30th- remember to take your comprehension test sometime before then.

Students read about the Water Cycle in their textbooks, concerning groundwater and the Aquafer.
HOMEWORK: TEST is NEXT Friday (Oct. 24th); Study Guide due NEXT Wednesday (Oct. 22nd) NOT on Edmodo (a hard copy was given!)

Students talked the Hopis, the Pueblos, the Navajos, and Kichwa Indians because students will be completing a project/ book report on the tribe of their choice.
HOMEWORK: none, but Book Report over tribe of choice due Mon. Oct. 27th 

Learning Target: I CAN multiply with zeros in the multiplicand. 2) I can multiply a 3-digit whole-number by a 2-digit multiplier.
We played multi-digit multiplication "slap-it" (a student favorite) for warm-up and then dove right into the content of our lesson which was learning to multiply with a zero in the multiplicand AND multiplying a 3-digit number by a 2- and 3-digit number.  We worked on workbook pages 19 and 21 in class as well as a few Common Core practice pages.
HOMEWORK: complete workbook pages 19 and 21 by Wednesday.

Students reviewed and turned in Study Guides because of the test on Wednesday.  They also took a pretest and reviewed the answers in preparation for this assessment.
HOMEWORK: TEST is THIS Wednesday (Oct. 15th).  Students should be bringing home pretests they did in class to help them study along with study guides. ALSO, please study, "Our Father" in Spanish (students will be reciting this on Oct. 28th)

It was wonderful seeing so many sweet families at the Fall Festival!  My little buddy was a bit overwhelmed with all the attention, but he sure loved it too!  He did NOT stop talking about "Mommy's students" and "I wanna go back, I wanna go back!" Obviously, they made an excellent impression on him and I am already envisioning many a fine babysitter in the future :)

I hope you have a magnificent Monday evening!  Chase is our new blogger- please be sure to check out his daily musings

Tomorrow is RESOURCE DAY...AND Kyra's Birthday!
Mrs. Thomas

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