Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hannah's Second Post

Hello it is Hannah again. I will be blogging about  some  things from our classroom.
yesterday we had a class vote on if you liked Disney World or Disney Land better! Here are the results...

I think Disney World won!

Here are your super hero names sponsored by Mary Favier!!!!

Brenna-bubble oasis
Hannah-hairy goblin
Matthew-marble angle
Ava-arctic rider
Chase-cuddle rider
Cole- cuddle power
Ian-ice kid
Brandon-Bubble Diamond
Owen-Onyx Mantis
Henry-Hairy Heart
Gavin-Grim Sphinx
Laura- Lazy Claw
Sam- Sparkle Wolf
Mason-Marble Wolf
Jacob-Jaunty Claw
Courtney- Cuddle Goblin
Alex- Arctic Diamond                        
Keeli- Kitten-Faced Lady
Drew- Dark Venom
Baylee- Bubble Brain
Maddie- Marble Venom
Madison- Marble Claw-Heart
Mary- Marble Fuzz
Krya-Kitten faced sphinx
Abby-Artic Ninja
Kayla-Kitten Faced Yak
Cayman-Cuddle Diamond

Here is a girl class vote:


Lulu lemon: 13

Here is a boy class vote:

Football: 7

Basket ball: 2

Soccer: 5

Baseball: 1

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