Thursday, September 11, 2014

9.11.14 - Day TWENTY


REMINDER: Science Study Guides are due to Mrs. Schleg TOMORROW
First, I must apologize for not getting a blog post up yesterday- during the day, I have no down time due to instructional time with the students to write one (I usually quickly update each subject at the end of it), and then I left early for a doctor's appt. that ran quite long!  I promise, I will RARELY miss a blog post and if I do, it's because of a very good reason :)  It is my goal to stay in constant communication with you and to keep you informed of all the happenings in an around 5T and 5S.

Second, today is/ was a very important day- one of remembrance and one of celebration...both for ONE great reason: our beloved country.  13 years ago, our nation was attacked.  I have been talking with the students about how it is a day permanently tattooed in the memories of all Americans who were alive to witness it.  I have encouraged them to talk with the adults about where they were and what they were doing.  I know it is a hugely significant event that is hard for them to completely process since they were not alive when it happened.  We have discussed what makes a hero and the heroes of that day and how we can continue to remember, pray for and respect our country and the many people who gave their lives on, after, or because of that day. THIS is a video we watched to help the students understand this significant event

Third, TODAY was Grandparents' Day here at SMA!  What an absolutely WONDERFUL day it was!  I so enjoyed meeting the grandparents that were able to come with their students!  We had a terrific time visiting and it took up pretty much our ENTIRE morning!  Students were able to get in Literature Circles and then took their Social Studies test.  By then, it was time for lunch...whew!  Since Mrs. Schleg's students hadn't taken their tests yet, they did so after lunch and I kept my homeroom babies with me for the remainder of the afternoon.  While I do not much like missing content, there's something about keeping your own kiddos for the day that just speaks to my soul! We needed some connecting and visiting time altogether and I'm so very happy to have had it today!

I compiled a slideshow video of all of the students displaying a whiteboard (one at a time) of what they love about their grandparents.  It turned out so, so very cute and was a nice thing for the grandparents to see.  Unfortunately, I am not able to upload it in it's entirety, but I have sections of it at a time.  Watch through each until you see your sweet baby!

FINALLY, I have two IMPORTANT MESSAGES from Mrs. Schleg that you need to read through:

1) Help Needed:  Our garden fence here at school needs to be painted.  I will be here on Saturday September 20 to begin painting.  I realize many sporting events are going on and families are busy, but if you have any time to help paint I would love to see you.  I plan to be here about 10 am.  If you can help and have extra paint brushes and paint trays that we can use I would appreciate the loan.  I have several brushes and a few trays but extras are always great to have as well.  I will bring some cool beverages too so that we stay refreshed as we paint:)  Any time you have is wonderful.  Please let me know if you can be here.

Message 2) 
Dear Parents,

I want to let you know that I unfortunately will need to have surgery.  I will leave on September 23 for Nashville and have surgery on the 24th.  I will be out for about a month and hopefully no longer.  This largely depends on the extent of the surgery.  With that being said, conferences during the conference days will be cancelled.  However, I would like to meet with anyone that would like to schedule a conference next week.  I will do my best to make myself available as much as possible.  I will email a schedule out to you tomorrow with times that I can meet.

If you would like to meet with Mrs. Thomas in regards to reading and/or math she will be available during the conference times.  You will send in your request to schedule time with her when the forms come home.

Mrs. Zettel is working on finding a substitute and as soon as we have one secured I will share that with you.

If you have any questions, please let me know,

Mrs. Schleg

Sorry to be long winded today, but there was so much to cover!  Enjoy your Thursday night!
Tomorrow is FRIIIIIIDAY!!!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., We have a Field Trip NEXT Thursday (9.18.14) to Ft. Harrod.  Forms will be coming home today!  

P.P.S., PICTURE DAY is NEXT Wednesday (9.17.14)

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