Tuesday, September 2, 2014

9.2.14 - Day THIRTEEN

Happy September, everyone!  Yes, the blog got a fall-"ish" makeover.  I use the term "ish" because it's not quite fall juuuust yet :)
Can you believe we are in the NINTH month of 2014?  Ay carumba! Only 3 more months of this year?  STOP. IT.  It's almost fall y'all!  I don't know about you, but I just love fall.  Well, I love each season for different reasons, but there is something so new, so fresh, so promising about fall, ya know?  Maybe it's all that college football?!?  Happily, BOTH UofL and UK made awesome showings this weekend so congrats all around to the fandoms of each university.
As for Today...

Today was RESOURCE DAY!!!

We have a new blogger this week: IAN!!!  He is just the bomb dot com!  Check out his post by clicking HERE.

I got more than two meetings under my belt as well as lesson plans for next week, scheduling of activities, and resources for literature circles.  We are ready to ROCK and ROLL, people :)

 The kiddos got much-a resourcing done today and had a blast.  What a nice transition back to reality from a nice long weekend, huh?  I could get used to this type of schedule :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., DO NOT FORGET: your first few chapters as well as your literature circle role sheet is due THIS THURSDAY (9.4.14).  Come prepared and come ready to participate!
Because I am a nice person, I have attached the link to finding the role sheets (in case you lost yours). You're welcome.  Love you, my babies :)
Here are some examples of responsibilities I ask of you come Thursday during Lit. Circle time (topics for guiding discussion and ...

Here is your LUNCH MENU for the month of September 2014:
click this image to enhance it so it's easier (and bigger) to read

In the words of wise one Mr. Senior Sir O'Brien: "Keep cool my Babies!"

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