Friday, September 5, 2014

Ian's last day! :(

                                                          My Schedule
                  Monday's: Kumon
                           Tuesday's: Cross Country and basketball
                           Wednesday's: Guitar lessons
                           Thursday's: Cross Country
                           Fridays: Cross Country
                           Saturday: Sleep!!!!!
                           Sunday: Cross Country

                                                     That's my schedule!!

                        The Weather With Henry!

     Today: Partly Cloudy with temperatures in the upper ninety's, 20% chance of rain.

     Tonight: It will be mostly clear tonight with temperatures in the seventy's, 20% chance of rain.
                                                     Thank you Henry!


 What I did This Summer!!

  I went to Florida to go to LEGOLAND!! It was so fun because there was a  roller coaster that was huge and went so fast! I also went to South Carolina to see my family that was fun too.  Those were my two favorite parts of Summer!

                              Here are some other people did on Vacation!
             I went to North Carolina to go to the beach, I went fishing for 5 hours and caught nothing and I also went on a cruise were dolphins were at the ocean. I also went to a basketball camp!


  I went to Alabama and went to the beach, also the pool, we played ping pong for an hour straight,
  we went to a place called the Hangout, they had a lot of games to play, and it was all right on the beach! We also went to go play putt-putt and won, and at  the putt- putt I had an argument with a women that I didn't know all because I know that Auburn is better than Alabama!


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