Friday, September 19, 2014

9.19.14 - Day TWENTY-SIX (Election Results AND Field Trip photos included!)

Friiiiiiday.  Whew!  I need to say it again... it. IS. FRIDAY.  Thought maybe if I said it again, it'd sink in that we actually made it to Friday!  It has been one crazy, busy, chaotic week and I will be beyond ecstatic when we get past all of this extra "stuff" and back to some normalcy, ya know?!?  I mean, ay carumba!  Don't get me wrong, all of this extra "stuff" has been wonderful and so fantastic, but we are just exhausted around here!

Anyway, onto today... (Field Trip Photos [at bottom] and Election Results posted IN this post as well!)
Perfection.  I feel ya, kids (this was during Health screenings and yes, we staged it) :)

COFFEEHOUSE: We had our very first Coffeehouse this morning and it was so absolutely sensational.  I love seeing you parents coming in to be with and support your children by simply "hanging out" with them briefly before school.  These little moments are so meaningful and make such an impact in the overall scheme of life!  If you were unable to attend, no worries, life happens and we are all SUPER busy- schedules NEVER perfectly match up!  There are plenty more dates to come and enjoy!

I thought Mr. Kennedy looked so studious and so precious with his cup that he is the perfect illustration of our first Coffeehouse this morning:

Learning Target: I can identify and explain the Author's Purpose.
Thomas class ONLY- We had a verrrrrry short reading class with not much content because of our Coffeehouse, Health screenings, and voting for 4-H club elections.

We are reviewing, reviewing, reviewing decimals!
HOMEWORK: go over REVIEWS we completed in class in preparation for upcoming math assessment

Students GOT TO VOTE for the 4-H elections and you guys, it was so official!  Kind people from the Jefferson County Clerk's office came and set up legit voting booths and they were so, so cool!


And the WINNERS (of the 4-H Elections) ARE...
PRESIDENT: Henry Hawkins (Thomas); 
VICE-PRESIDENT: Brandon Dries (Thomas); 
SECRETARY: Abby Newton (Thomas); 
REPORTER: Owen McGreevy (Thomas); 
CLUB ASSISTANT: Kayla Yount (Thomas); 

Congrats to our winners!

I think we are very lucky and extremely blessed to have had such extraordinary candidates.  Any one of them would have been phenomenal in office.  Sadly, not every candidate can be a winner and it in no way is a reflection of your character or who you are as a person.  You are ALL winners, in my book!

Students took their tests over the Bible Knowledge they've been studying the past several weeks, bu

With our shortened reading time, we moved LITERATURE CIRCLES to be completed in this time slot, BUT we were unable to get to them due to being pulled for Health Screenings and something else (reading testing) for Mrs. Nguyen.  Next week, we are beginning to write MEMOIRS during writing time AND beginning our Vocabulary!!!
HOMEWORK: Literature Circle Roles - (Cycle 4) are due NEXT FRIDAY, Sept. 26th; Cycle 3 roles are now due on MONDAY, Sept. 22nd (you've had SEVERAL extra days to do these, so there will be absolutely ZERO excuses accepted for an incomplete or missing sheet.  

Students got to hear a guest speaker concerning their upcoming projects!  Wahooooo for guest speakers!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

Emma H., Emma D., Isabelle, and Kayla

Sweet, sweet girls: Ava and Keeli

Baylee, Maddie, Alyssa, Abby P., Libby, and Mary

Savannah, Lucas, Hailey, Matthew, Ian, Jacob, Henry, Margaret, Janie, Spencer, and Brandon

Shai, Nate, Drew, Nathan, Gavin, Sam, Garrett, Abby B., Alexis, Owen, Mason, and Andrew

Courtney, Cayman, and Kyra

Kyra, Cayman, Madison

Chase, Connor, Hayden, Robbie, Cole, Langdon, Matthew, Alex, Madison, Kyra, Courtney, and Cayman

Alexis, Mason, and Chase

Gavin, Owen, and Sam

Crazy Cole (I am absolutely digging that hat!  Verrrry Indiana Jones-esque and totally fitting for the Cole-Man!)

our very own Grumpy Gary

Andrew, Lucas, and Nathan

Outstanding Owen

Crazy sillyheads: Sam, Gavin, and Drew

Emma D. and Abby P.





Mrs. Thomas - WATCH OUT!

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