Thursday, September 4, 2014

9.4.14 - Day FIFTEEN

This week?  He GONE!
Hellllllo, my friends and families!  It's Thuuuuursdaaaay!  Yay!  This week has absolutely FLOWN by!

We started a new classroom/ talking management system called "Classroom Nation".  I picked 5 team captains and then they selected their table mates.  These tables are working to earn points and can earn them by quick, smooth transitions to and from classes, not talking during class time, being prepared with materials, helping friends, etc. (and can lose them for the same reasons).  After 2 weeks, the table with the most points accrued wins a lunch with me in the classroom, a homework pass, and becomes the new captains.  The process then begins again and starts over anew.  So far, it is working SWIMMINGLY and without being too presumptuous, it seems to be getting a HUGE grasp on our talking issues.  We have a long way to go, but we're on the up and up which is awesome!

Father Chandler discussed everyone contributing to the greater good and pulling their weight by contributing individual talents and strengths towards working together in unison, never in cliques. We all have something to contribute and when we are together, we are complete.

Today was our first meeting for LITERATURE CIRCLES!!!  To be honest, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how incredible the students did!  It was extraordinary hearing the students talking about reading and talking about books.  They did great jobs in their roles and I think these are going to be so wonderful for them!  New roles and reading have been assigned and are due next Thursday when Circles meet again.  See our pictures below...

Learning Target: I can compare and order whole numbers and decimals.
Click HERE for our favorite decimals song.
We reviewed the concept of comparing and ordering decimals.  I demonstrated my tricks of adding zeros to the end of a decimal (which does not change the value of the decimal ever) to make the comparing numbers have the same amount of digits and then lining up the numbers to be compared on top of each other for easy analysis down the digits of place-value.
HOMEWORK: complete workbook page 5.

Students worked on projects for their group that will pertaining to Native Americans.
HOMEWORK: none tonight, but Study Guides are due by Mon. 9/8 and the TEST is MOVED to Thurs. 9/11.

Students created a display in their notebooks about the New Testament.

Students learned about their BUG projects which will be due in over a month once the project officially begins.

Since we are learning about nonfiction text and will be creating an informational text piece of our own, students examined newspapers for varying parts and looked at how articles are written and set up (through the 5Ws/ H).  Here is the organizer they completed on their scavenger hunt of sorts...

HOMEWORK: visit Printing Press and decide upon layout of newspaper; research possible points to add to piece about topic from book.

Don't forget to visit 32 degrees Yogurt Bar in the Paddock tonight from 3-7PM to benefit SMA!!! What a terrific reason to get a delicious treat!

Also, NEXT Thursday (9.11.14) is GRANDPARENTS' DAY here at SMA!!!  We hope to see as many grandparents here as possible for Mass and for hanging out with grandkids in our classrooms thereafter!

Have a thrilling Thursday night!
Mrs. Thomas

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