Friday, September 5, 2014

9.5.14 - Day SIXTEEN

it's Friiiiiday!  Yay!  I love the weekends, but I do miss my sweet student babes over the weekend! They are definitely bright lights in my life and I truly look forward to spending my days with them.
Learning Target: I can identify stated and unstated main ideas and supporting details using a graphic organizer.
We used our focus of information text to also utilize last week's skill of determining the main idea. We read 2 informational pieces and along the way, we stopped to look at how the articles were written, organized, and how the author seemed to be an expert on his/her topic, presenting information in an accurate and organized way.
Here are the passages we read and answered questions about...


Learning Target: I can round whole numbers , decimals, and money to a given place or to the greatest place.
Have you seen THIS Baseball Rounding of Decimals Game?!? (HINT: click there!)
Rounding SONG (oddly entertaining) and Rounding RAP (created by 3rd graders!)
We are working on the skill of rounding, but with decimals.  Students are familiar with the concept of rounding, but adding a decimal sometimes throws them.  Thus, we had practice using number lines and with using a rhyme after underlining the digit to be rounded.  I always instruct the students to select the method I teach them that is most effect and practical for them to utilize when working independently.  Here are our SMARTboard notes...

At the beginning of class, I always try to have something fun/ engaging to get the students excited about the concepts at hand.  Today, we played a game called, "Slap-it".  I put several decimals on the board, gave a student from each team a fly swatter and then gave instructions like, "slap the greatest number with a 2 in the tenths place, or slap the least number without a whole number, etc."  The student who slapped it first earned a point for his/ her team.  Needless to say, they LOVED it and were super into it.




HOMEWORK: none - but a date worth noting: Bug projects will be due October 9th!

We had 4-H club!!!  5th grade is an exciting time because we get to have 4-H club meetings during school time where students learn about many applicable life skills and processes.  It is so much fun and I have wonderfully fond memories of this as a 4th and 5th grader myself.  Click HERE to visit the 4-H site for more information.


Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

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