Friday, September 26, 2014

9.25.14 - Kayla

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Weather for today: Sunny and 73 degrees.

           Hey it's Kayla I'm going to be the new blogger this week, sorry I didn't post yesterday we were getting used to our new schedule so I really did not have time, but I'm very happy to be with you all until next Wednesday!!!!! Sorry if I miss a day or two are schedule has changed big time and we're barely even with Mrs. Thomas. It feels like we're in Mrs. Schleg's room all day long. So I barely have time to get on so I mostly do it in the morning or end of the day. So again sorry if I miss a day or two.

                  OMG!!!!!!! It's almost 2015. Can you believe it!? Also, it's almost Halloween! Personally, this is my favorite holiday of the year. Let's see what the other students favorite holidays are.

      Halloween: 3

      Christmas: 15

      Easter: 2

      Valentine's Day: 0

      Fourth of July: 0

      Thanksgiving: 0

                                                             CHRISTMAS WONNN!!!!!!!


   Here's a Christmas picture of Dallas Cowboys ornaments.

                  Back to Halloween,
                          I'm going to actually do a Halloween Gallery type thing meaning I will be posting a   lot of Halloween Pictures.


 This just makes me hungry. Is that just me!? Does anybody else like Candy Corn!? But were coming into that season where we have: scarves, mittens, warm drinks, sweaters, boots, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, lots of candy (if you go trick-or-treating), etc. Fall is my favorite season. Let's see what everyone else likes.

  Fall: 10

 Winter: 9

 Summer: 5

  Spring: 4

                                                    FALL WONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Fall won! That's awesome! Fall is my favorite season too!!!!!!!!
              But I Think that's all I have for today!
                           (p.s don't forget we have a science test tomorrow)

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