Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 2 of Ian's blog! With meteorologist Henry!

Today's weather  0% chance of rain all day!!

Foggy with a temperature of 69 degrees.

Partly cloudy with a high of 88 degrees.

Clear sky's with a 100% chance of STARS!!!! There will also be a temperature of 66 degrees but the stars will be better.

Thank you Henry for the forecast!

Now time for Ian's top 5 facts about myself!

1. I have had 7 surgeries all in one hospital visit last year with 17 stitches and a foot in a half scar.
2. I have a brand new energetic black Labor Doodle!
3. I have been wearing glasses for about 2 in a half weeks.
4.I have the most awesome friends and family!
5.My favorite book is Buddy.                 That was my top five!

                                                           This is kind of what my dog looks like he's so cute! :) My dogs name is Leo. Sorry its so big that's as small as I could get it.

Now you are probably wandering why would Ian need 7 surgeries!?!?

Well it all started at last years school Halloween party. I had strep throat. So my mom picked me up early and we went to the doctors office. They gave me a shot on my leg and I couldn't eve stand up for the rest of the day! But the next day I could walk.

About in a week or two I went  to get a cat scan I got but they said I had to stay at the hospital for a day, well by day they meant two weeks of horror. But I recovered and I feel great!

                                                    Grumpy Cat!

I absolutely love grumpy cat. I like him so much I can do his face. But I'm not the only one that likes Grumpy cat she's so famous that she is on world tour right now and people pay grumpy cats parents  to just see the cat she is also going to make a movie and a book!

Now its time for a vote what's your favorite subject?


Volleyball wins!

What to do over the weekend!

Do you not have anything to do over the weekend?
Fear not! I have plenty of things you can do!

You can go to the pool!
You can invite a friend over to your house!
You can go to Skyzone!
You can go see a movie!
You can go outside and play!
You can play video games!
You can go over to your grandparents!
You can study for test and quizzes.

I'm sure you can't do at lease one of these!

My top 5 favorite tv shows!

1. Gravity Falls
2. Americas Got Talent
3. Lab rats
4. Dog with a Blog
5. Kickin' it

                                              Famous Quotes             

                                        Now Interviewing some of my Friends!

                                            Me: How is school going?
                                            Sam: It is going pretty smoothly except some bumps in the road.
                                            Me: Do you like teachers in 5th grade?
                                            Sam: Yes they are definitely fun
                                             Me: Are you excited about 5th grade?
                                             Sam: Yes because we are going to do a lot of fun stuff with the teachers!
                                             Me: Thank you Sam!

                                                     Me: What did you do over summer break?
                                                     Kayla: I went to Texas!
                                                     Me: What is your favorite subject?
                                                     Kayla: Science, because I like to pick fruits and vegetables.
                                                     Me: Thank you!


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