Friday, September 26, 2014

9.26.14 - Day THIRTY-ONE

I always want to sing it from the hilltops today (a la Julie Andrews Sound of Music style), "The hills are ALIVE with the sound of-the weeeeeekeeeeendddd!" You're welcome for getting that melody in your heads, by the way :)
aaaanyway, it's Friiiiiiday!!  Happy day to you!  More importantly, Happy Weekend!  We had a spectacularly splendiferous day in and around 5T and we hope you did in your work worlds as well. 

And if this doesn't represent an awesome day, I don't know what does...!!!
Sophia is Mrs. Schleg's class in costume for Reader's Theater.  Isn't this FANTASTIC?!?  And did you know she also memorized her lines?!?  Holy moly, she's "out of this world!"
Students got to get into their Literature Circles today and I must say, their efforts and attitudes toward groupwork was exponentially better than last week- in fact, they were back on par with expectations and their first week performances.  It was mellifluous sounds of readers in action with conversations about books up in here! Beautiful. just... beautiful. :)

Then, we get to Mrs. Schleg's class- much of the same can be said about the work, efforts, and attitude from most people, but I did have more than just a few friends forget their roles at home/ not do them which is incredibly discouraging to have among the group members and to still have going on (on week 4 of this!  I'm finding it impossible to be understanding and patient at this point).  A group cannot perform up to full capabilities and expectations with some members not pulling their own weight (even if work was done, but left at home... bottom line, it is NOT here).  Everyone has to contribute equal shares and without that full effort from all parties the group cannot and does not function effectively as many are doing more work which is ridiculously unfair and cannot go without consequences.  These group members will have consequences with double the work to get themselves and their group back up to full working order.  This is where I reiterate that these tasks are also double formative assessment grades.
Students got to perform their reader's theater performances!  They were so cute and did such a phenomenal job.  I am pleased with their application of fluency skills and concepts in which we've been focusing upon.  
Here are the groups with their props/ costumes in which they prepared for this performance:
Thomas- Group A

Thomas - Group B

Thomas - Group C

Thomas- Group D

Thomas - Group E - Gavin had on a Star Wars costume back there... how AWESOME is THAT?!?  So cute!

Schleg- Group A

Schleg - Group B

Schleg - Group C

Schleg - Group D

Schleg - Group E
I gave back Math tests.  Many, many were happy, happy and many, many were nervous, nervous. The average score on the assessment was an 84% so that is most definitely something to sing about. In fact, we had more As and B+s than any other grade!  Wahooooo!  I know that several are concerned now that they're receiving these grades and they've been averaged into overall grades, but rest assured, we are taking many steps/ measures to get up to mastery with these concepts of decimals!  Remember, yes, grades are important, but do not get hung up on the number, but rather the understanding and solidifying a mastery of the concept.  YES, the grades DO represent the understanding, but I am more concerned about increasing the comprehension, not increasing the number/ changing the letter.  THAT comes with working on the understanding and please know that I am doing every. single. thing. in my power to work with your student while they are inside the walls of this building!  Their success is of my utmost concern and that is my promise and pledge to you as parents (and to them as my 5th grade babies).

I went over completing the Wrong-Answer Analysis with the students and what it means once they complete it.  I also explained to them that this is something in which they must apply their greatest effort in order to receive full points- the best things in life require much attention and are hard earned.  This is NO exception...especially if it involves an increase in grades/ scores. What I do with these is I grade the students on their effort and completion and then it goes in as a double-formative (quiz) grade which equals to be worth about as much as a summative so then the average of the 2 grades (test grade AND wrong-answer analysis) is indicative of their one test grade.  BOTH will be in Sycamore, but know that the wrong-answer analysis is worth more than just one homework or one classwork (or even one quiz) grade!
HOMEWORK: COMPLETE (thoroughly) the Wrong-Answer Analysis with your child as you go over the test.  These are due back by Monday and I will NOT be accepting late papers.  Math Class #1, I said your latest to turn in is Tuesday A.M. BEFORE the morning bell.  

excuse my absolute FOULNESS here- my SMARTboard was not being so "smart" and was acting a fool!
see?  Foul SMARTboard not knowing its role!

Students took their tests!  I heard many say that they felt as though they rocked it!  Music, people. Music to a teacher's ears :)

Students made some friendly cards for a few prayer requests and friends in need.

**Please send in donations for the Monarch Mile!
**If your student is not saying much in the car after school or tonight at home, it is because they talked my ears off in Math...I swear, they have HIT their word quota for the weekend!  I guess I could say, you're welcome?  Chatterboxes!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!  
Mrs. Thomas

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