Thursday, September 18, 2014

9.18.14 - Day TWENTY-FIVE

FIELD TRIP DAY!!!  We had a terrific time on our Field Trip to Ft. Harrod today!  Thank you so, so very much to our fabulous parents who were able to attend and assist our crazy friends around the fort.  You all are such a blessing and we are so lucky to have you, nor could we have done it without you!

I took LOADS of pictures of each grouping of students today and will upload them here to the blog once they finally send from my email (they're taking FOREVER this afternoon to get OUT of my outbox...grrrrr!).  Here is one from this GIANT Osage tree right out front of the fort that was a blast to climb on (and where we ate lunch)...


  • Tomorrow is our first Coffeehouse.  Meeting Street Coffeehouse in Norton Commons is offering 10% off to all 5th grade parents.  Please stop by!  Brenna, the daughter of one of the owners, brought me a caramel bar from there the other day and well, it. was. HEAVENLY. to say the least!  I HIGHLY recommend it!

  • TOMORROW is the Religion test with Mrs. Schleg and LITERATURE CIRCLE ROLES are due!
  • Also, tomorrow is our 4-H club elections during Social Studies times.  This week has been far too crazy and far too busy to upload the rest of the videos.  I will have the students re-watch them in the morning and get them uploaded for parents to see in the upcoming days (promise!!!).  

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for a sensational and educational trip!
Mrs. Thomas

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