Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9.16.14 - Day TWENTY-THREE

Hello my fabulous families and Happy Tuesday to you!  It feels as if fall is upon us and I tell ya, there is just something about that point in time where the new season seems to instantly "click" into place in its change and I. LOVE. IT.  The first time you need a blanket at night or a sweater in the morning?!? Heaven.  I love all seasons for differing reasons, but that's it for me with fall.  Weird?   
Anyway, today, Tuesday- September 16th, was RESOURCE DAY!!!
Thus, I only have a few reminders/ announcements for you...

FIRST (and very importantly), I am MOVING our Math test to NEXT Wednesday, Sept. 24th.  With a half-day AND pictures tomorrow and our Field Trip Thursday, we will just not have enough time to review for me to feel comfortable with the students taking the test.  I was to give them fair and adequate time to review with me and to prepare at home.  I do not think giving tests on a Monday is fair, so Wednesday it is!  I will be sending home a few sheets that will need to be corrected and reviewed before then AND we will be doing review practice, activities, and games up until Wednesday to prepare.  A chapter review will be done as well.  

This brings us to our SECOND reminders...
PICTURE DAY is TOMORROW (Wednesday, September 17th) and it is also a HALF-DAY as students will be dismissing at noon.

THIRDLY, Our FIELD TRIP to Ft. Harrod is Thursday, Sept. 18th.  We will be leaving right after mass and returning before normal dismissal time.

FOURTH: SCIENCE Test is TOMORROW (Wednesday, Sept. 17th) and RELIGION test is Friday!

FIFTH- The Sign-up forum for parent teacher conferences will be going live tomorrow on Sycamore. Please make yourself a reminder to sign up as soon as possible to ensure you get the time that best suits you and your family's schedule!

I hope you have a wonderful night!
See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas

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