Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9.23.14 - Day TWENTY-EIGHT

Hello all!  Tuesday, we meet again...and my goodness golly, how fast you go!

Not too many reminders or announcements today, but the ones we have are quite important (please pay extra special attention to number 3)

1) Mrs. Schleg is having her hip surgery tomorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers as she begins this uncomfortable (but necessary) journey to a healthy, well-functioning hip!  Also, we give a very warm welcome to Mrs. Kalmey who is Mrs. Schleg's long-term substitute.  Mrs. Kalmey was a teacher and principal within the Archdiocese for many years and we are beyond thrilled to have her here with us! Our babes are well taken care of and in wonderful hands with her, that's for sure!

2) MATH:
**TOMORROW (Wednesday, September 24th) is our first Math test!  PLEASE NO stress and no worries.  I believe in you and you. have. got. this.
HOMEWORK: Review Quiz and Test Preparation packets are due tomorrow before the test.

**We will be beginning a new schedule before the end of the week.  It is not too different- the students just have a longer Language Arts block and FAR less transitioning between classes.  I am so sorry to change this on us again!

A little background though...

We have been quite concerned about the students not getting enough time devoted to their Language Arts block and also concerned with the amount of instructional time lost in constant transitions (not to mention the LOAD of books they were transporting back and forth between them!).  In Reading, students have not been able to get into groups except once a week, and they haven't been getting the full time they need and deserve for this imperative subject.  Thus, after careful consideration and reevaluating of our needs and goals with Mrs. Zettel, we have devoted an hour and a half to each class for Reading/ Language Arts instruction.  With this, I can teach my mini-lesson each day, and then we can rotate through Language Arts centers of Word Work, Guided Reading w/ me, Self-Selected Reading, Independent Practice, and Reading Groups/ Literature Circle time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  YAY!  (Instead of just on Thursdays).  Thus, when one class is in their 1.5hr Language Arts block, the other class will be in Science and Social Studies with Mrs. Schleg.  In reality, look at it as the gift of time being bestowed upon us!  No other subjects are affected, we just combined Science and Social Studies into two 45 minute sessions held DURING the other class's L.A. block.  It's a B-E-A-U-TIFUL thing, really!  It just stinks to change up things AGAIN, so we thank you so very much for your patience and flexibility as we transition to what works and is best for our phenomenal 5th graders!

The students will be receiving their new schedules tomorrow morning to post in their lockers and the front of their planners and Mrs. Kalmey and I have already posted them around our 5th grade area.

Here is a copy for you as well:

4) NO SCHOOL- Thursday, October 2nd and Friday, October 3rd.  Please make sure that you have signed up for a conference with me on the forum on Sycamore.

See?  Not too many announcements today!  I hope you have a wonderful evening!
Mrs. Thomas

HOW adorable are these GORGEOUS babies in their new cheerleading jackets?!?  They look so great and they were so proud, so I just had to snap a pic!  I just love these cuties!

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