Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9.24.14 - Day TWENTY-NINE

Hump Day, Gents and Judies!  Happy Day to you!  I hope I am finding you well and wonderful on this Wednesday afternoon!

NEW SCHEDULE: We started our new schedule today and ohhhh my goodness golly, how absolutely SENSATIONAL it was (and is going to be)!!!  It was so nice having these sweet babies for an hour and a half of reading- we got SO much more done and were able to fluently move between reading groups.  Yes, I said it...we actually got to READING GROUPS today...on. a. Wednesday!!!  I am just busting over here I am so excited!  The students seemed to have a terrific time too!  This enables me so much more time meet with more than one group and be the teacher I strive to be.  Thank YOU for your patience, understanding, and flexibility as we transition through this new changes and adjustments to our schedules.

Learning Target: 1) I can analyze superlatives. 2) I can demonstrate understanding of the text through purposeful pacing. 3) I can use effective pacing to make my reading sound like storytelling.
We learned about comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and using the correct conjugation in the appropriate tense and time.  Students watched THIS video and the video shown below.  Then, we practiced changing adjectives from normal adjectives.  In Reading Groups, students practiced their Reader's Theater that they'll present on Friday and then also completed a survey with their group members.  They used the results of this survey to then create superlative and comparative forms of adjectives in complete sentences for practice.

HOMEWORK: 1) Reading Logs (Due Friday).  Yes, MOST students are getting in their minutes in which is fantastic, but as far as the logs go, I need more information and insight in the comments section, people! I very much appreciate the reading and the minutes, but I also need more to the comment section than, "Good. Funny.  Interesting."  Well, you know what's not good, funny, or interesting?  The lack of effort devoted to that section of the reading logs from so many of our awesome, incredible, outstanding, dynamic, spectacular, intelligent, dynamite, extraordinary, and oh so very, very capable FIFTH GRADERS!  Let's step up our games to this 5th grade level and beyond, please! At least ONE sentence and simply about something in the text, okay?!?  These are due by Friday morning.
2) Literature Circle Roles are due on Friday.  Again... EFFORT.  Each week, these are assessment grades and it is so NOT fair to the students who have given so much effort to have another group member slop down a stick figure and call it a completed role.  No siree, Bob.  And yes, you read me correctly: ASSESSMENT GRADES. Yikes.

Students took their DECIMALS TESTS!  I think they ROCKED them!  They were LOOOONG tests and I have several to grade, but I will get them back by Friday at the latest, if not tomorrow, but not all are done, so I'll have to wait to go over them until everyone has completed them.  I am NOT the type of person who gives back a test and does nothing with it.  I like to use the opportunity of a returned test as a teachable moment and allow my budding mathematicians to learn from their mistakes (in my mind, this is what takes them from good to great).  I will have them analyze any mistakes to find what they did wrong and correct them.  This process ensures that they are learning from these mistakes and they will not be made on future endeavors. Well, that's the plan, at least!

Students got acquainted with Mrs. Kalmey!

Students went over their Study Guides.
HOMEWORK: complete Study Guides

Students completed a reflection in their notebooks and went over some prayers they will need to know in 5th grade.

Tomorrow is MASS!  
NO SCHOOL Thursday, October 2nd and Friday, October 3rd (Please make sure you have scheduled your P-T Conference with me using the forum on Sycamore.
Send in Monarch Mile Donations!  You could be the next winner in the drawing!

It's a BEAUTIFUL DAY!  Hope you get to get out and enjoy it this afternoon/ evening!
Mrs. Thomas

We are in dire straits with our candy sitch up in room 236.  It's a sad, sad scene, I tell ya!  If you are out and able tonight, might you be able to donate to some friends (5T peeps) in need, please?!?  The good news is that many of our babies have been earning some sweet treats, but the bad news is that it's breaking my bank :)
Skittles, AirHeads, SourPatch Kids, suckers, fruity treats, individually wrapped goodies etc. are all excellent choices...AND- it's Halloween time so buying small packs will be such a convenience!  See? It's a win alllllll around for everyone!  We are very appreciative of your donations, too :)
Also, we have a NEW blogger until NEXT Wednesday: Miss Kayla will be stepping in to the role and we are so thrilled to have her!  Be sure to check out her postings each day

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