Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ians 3rd day!

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  My favorites!

          My favorite animal is the crocodile!
          My favorite food is hot dogs!
          My favorite movie is Earth to Echo!
          My favorite video game is Nba 2k 14
          My favorite activity is basketball!

                                                                       Gavin and Owen's jokes of the day!

                                            Q: What kind of whale is sad?
                                            A: A blue whale!

                                            Q: What do you call the grandmother banana?
                                            A: A Ban-Nana!

                                            Q: What state do cows go to the beach or a lake?
                                            A: Cowafornia and Moosiorui!

                                           Q: What does Owen say when he just figures
                                               about something and wants to know the time of it?               
                                            A: O-when! (Owen)
                                            Q: What award did the cat get?
                                            A: Purrrfect Attendance!  

                                                             The Weather With Henry!
                        With 0 % chance of rain!
              Today: it is a hot day today with temperatures in the upper eighty's and ninety's
                    Tonight: tonight will be clear with temperatures in the early seventy's and upper sixty's.

                Favorite Superhero's!                  Black Widow And Hulk Tie!

                      Captain America: :(
                      Iron Man:2
                      Black Widow:6

                                                              Drew's Favorites!!!

      Favorite colors: Neon Orange and Blue
         Favorite animal: Tigers
         Favorite activity: Soccer
         Favorite food: Pizza
         Favorite Fruit: Blackberry's
         Favorite sweet: Molten lava cake.

                                                                   Brenna's Favorites!!!!

                                                    Favorite color: Pink
                                                    Favorite animal: Seal
                                                    Favorite activity: Volleyball
                                                    Favorite food: Lasagna
                                                    Favorite fruit: Strawberries
                                                    Favorite sweet: Strawberry ice cream

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