Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9.3.14 - Day FOURTEEN

Happy Hump Day Gents and Judies!  Quite a bit of info (and homework tonight) so stick with me through this entire post!  To access Ian's blog post today, click HERE.

Can you BELIEVE this AMAZING poster that our sweet Abby Newton made?!?  We were in need of a birthday poster and she volunteered to make one.  Let's just say that I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY.  I mean, WOWZA...this thing is awesome and she is so wonderfully creative!  Way to go, Miss "Abby-Lou"- we are so, so proud of and thankful for Y-O-U!

Learning Target: I can create an informational text chart to demonstrate prior knowledge.
We began a focus upon informational text and how we can utilize them to enhance our understanding of content and concepts at hand.  We discussed genre and how informational text (nonfiction) is a genre of reading.  We then created an organizer, to discuss how informational text can be useful to us. See images below:

Next, students selected an informational (nonfiction) text and completed the organizer as seen below. This is tying into Language Arts for the next week because we will be compiling information from our books into a differing form of informational text such as a newspaper, brochure, poster, or magazine article.  I allowed students to preview the online printing press tool we'll be using to create these informational displays based on our books.
HOMEWORK: none (however, if a student wishes to research a few topics of interest to add to his/ her newspaper, I won't be upset) :)

Learning Target: I can compare and order whole numbers and decimals.
We focused upon comparing numbers with and without decimals and ordering them in various ways. We looked at decimals with various digits and compared which was 'greater than', 'less than', or 'equal to' other numbers.  Then, we played two different games of dice rolling to create decimals and then "Human decimals" to create numbers and compare and order them from greatest to least and then least to greatest.  It was interactive, informative, and fun!

a few notes from the SMARTboard 
 This is from our dice rolling game where we created decimals using specific rules.
The picture below shows our "Human decimals" activity:

HOMEWORK: complete practice worksheet from class (as shown below) as well as WORKBOOK PAGE 4

HOMEWORK: complete notebook maps

HOMEWORK: TEST NEXT WEDNESDAY 9.10.14!  Study Guide is due by MON. 9.8.14!

HOMEWORK:textbook is needed for assignment on Edmodo (due tomorrow!)

HOMEWORK: none.  However, pleeeease peruse the Printing Press and mess around with making a newspaper.  If you have time, possibly research some insights to add about the topic of your book :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!
Tomorrow is MASS!  Check out Ian's blog from today by clicking HERE.
Mrs. Thomas

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