Friday, September 12, 2014

9.12.14 - Day TWENTY-ONE

It's Friiiiiiday, my people...and happy day to YOU!!!  Word on the street is that tomorrow is supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL day - Perfect for football, fall outings, playing outside, and roasting s'mores over the firepit (well, that's my plan at least!), hope yours will be splendiferous too!

We have an amazingly, AWESOME offering from one of our extraordinary 5th grader's parents who  own the Meeting Street Coffeehouse in Norton Commons: They have ever so graciously and generously offered 10% off your purchase on Coffee House Fridays for all 5th grade parents!!!  Our first Coffee House is THIS Friday and I hope you can put it in your plans to swing over and pick up some delicious goodies to bring with you when you're here!  We sure hope to see you!!  Whooooo hoooooo!!!!

Thank you to those of you who already sent in your permission forms and money for our field trip next week!  You. are. on. the. ball.  Seriously, it makes my life easier to not have to hunt you down to ask for it so I thank you, thank you, thank you!  If you have NOT returned those items yet, no worries, you have the weekend, BUT get it to me as soon as you can at the start of the week!  Also, parents, we would LOVE to have you join in the fun!  Just know, that you will be driving behind the bus to Ft. Harrod and will need to bring a sack lunch.

CONGRATULATIONS to our YELLOW Nation (led by Henry "the Hawk" Hawkins- team members: Brenna, Sam, Brandon, Jacob, and Maddie) for being the point winners in our first cycle of Classroom Nation!!!  They became the NEW table Captains and drafted their teams, they had "Lunch Bunch" with me during lunch and watched a movie, and each member earned ONE homework pass. Way to go, people!

Learning Target: I can draw conclusions based on facts in a text.
We reviewed the concept of drawing conclusions by first watching THIS video, then by briefly working on the practice page shown below.  Students then created their own stories with partners and the rest of the class was able to practice drawing conclusions based on their paragraphs.  We then looked back at our informational text passage we've been using this week about pirates and discussed what conclusions we can determine from the present text and our background knowledge of the subject.


Learning Target: I can apply the properties of addition and the rules of subtraction to decimals.
Study Jam VIDEO; Properties of Addition VIDEO (One Direction-ified) :)
We reviewed the properties of addition because students will begin learning how to add with decimals.  All too often, that little point in the middle of a number can freak the students out when they begin to add.  We reviewed these properties so students remember rules and principles for making this an easier concept (Ex: grouping addends together that equal ten for easier mental math- 3+7; 5+5; 8+2; 4+6; 9+1, etc.).  To practice identifying these properties, we worked on Workbook page 7; to practice APPLYING these properties, we worked on Workbook page 9.
Below are our notes from class that we recorded into our math notebooks about each property...

HOMEWORK: none - However, you should play THIS Baseball Rounding Decimals Game for Review!

Students worked on their projects for Mrs. Schleg.

Since students missed Science yesterday due to our adjusted schedule, they went to the garden with Mrs. Schleg.

We discussed characteristics of good speakers because candidates for 4-H positions will be delivering speeches on Monday.  We also worked on our newspaper articles we developed based on informational books we read.

HOMEWORK: complete speeches (if applicable) for Monday

Students went over their study guides for their Science test coming up next week.

I hope you have a truly wonderful weekend!  See you Monday!
Mrs. Thomas

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