Monday, September 29, 2014

9.29.14 - Day THIRTY-TWO

Happy Monday, to all my people!  I hope you enjoyed the truly beautiful weather this past weekend! I mean, WOWZA, have we gotten super lucky, or what?!?  I am LOVING all of the outdoor activity and play with my little man (well, all 2 1/2 boys, actually).

Learning Target: 1) I can identify the sequence of events in the pictures and dates on a timeline.  2) I can identify and use the signal language for sequencing.
We are learning about sequential/ chronological order in texts and sequencing the order of events/ activities in order to better comprehend and summarize what we read.  This is such an important real-life skill that requires much attention and practice as we build upon and advance our reading comprehension skills.
We first watched THIS VIDEO to engage in our content at hand and briefly discussed why completing steps in order is a necessary evil.  Albeit silly and short, this video quickly demonstrated that :)
Next, we discussed how our lives are in chronological order and discussed the sequence of our lives in our afternoons and evenings after school each day.  We went over timelines and how we can use them to put events in order and retell a story, using signal words such as next, then, before that, after that, first, last, second, etc.
We then looked at the steps for the mummification process from the ancient Egyptians using THIS SITE and then went through the process using this awesome MUMMY MAKER site --> it was so much fun, but sadly, Mrs. Thomas's class did not get Ramose to be recognized by his spirit and taken to a blissful afterlife.  Mrs. Schleg's class?  You did it!  You have made the ancient Egyptians proud!
Finally, we got into our reading groups and groups are making timelines of the happenings in their Literature Circle books, timelines of a story about Christopher Columbus from their Social Studies texts, and are reading about cicadas (putting their life cycles into chronological order as well, going by the signal words in the text).  Do you see those Social Studies, Science, and real-life tie-ins?!?  Cross-curricular people, cross-curricular :)  No, in all seriousness... like I said, this skill of sequencing is such a real-life connection that if we did not tie it in to other content/ subject areas, I'd be doing a HUGE disservice to our understanding and comprehension of the tasks at hand!
HOMEWORK: Timeline assignment on Edmodo (due Wednesday- I also linked it here, but turn it in on Edmodo).

We are reviewing concepts of multiplication skills as this is our next unit.  So far, we are simply reviewing skills that should've been mastered in 3rd and 4th grades, but I am seeing some students who do NOT have their basic facts memorized!!!!  ummm...Yiiiiiikes is all I have to say about that and these students need to work diligently to memorize these basic facts or they are in for a serious, serious world of hurting and struggle as we navigate through much more advanced processes built upon these skills.

One of the concepts we reviewed was patterns in multiplication with zeros.  I call it the "exit buddy" strategy- however many zeros are in the beginning factors (multipliers) is how many should be in the product.  We start with a basic fact like 8 x 6 = 48.  In knowing that, if we slap on several zeros, then we should still be able to correctly solve the problem.  Thus, if 8 x 6 = 48, then 800 x 600 = 480,000. Since we know the product of 8 x 6, we start there and write that product, then tack on the zeros at the end as the basic fact's "exit buddy".  There were 4 zeros in the factors, so there are 4 zeros in the product. This in turn becomes an advanced process that is mental math!  Seemingly tough stuff, made EASY! Voila!

HOMEWORK: complete Multiplication review packet.  This is DUE WEDNESDAY (Oct. 1st)
slappin' on zeros to a basic fact is like, "Slappin' da bass, 'Mon!"
Students read the chapter and took notes over more modern-day Indians in the Northwest.
HOMEWORK: Vocabulary words on page 71 due Wed. with definitions.

With Mrs. Kalmey, students went over the Water Cycle and reviewed the chapter upon it.

Students discussed God's creations.

Have a magnificent Monday evening!
Students, please remember to manage your time effectively in completing your 4 assignments due on Wednesday!  Please do NOT put them off until tomorrow night!
Tomorrow is RESOURCE DAY!
Mrs. Thomas

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