Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9.17.14 - Day TWENTY-FOUR

Hello all!  It has been a CRAZY day and I just need to say, wheewwwww... (and yikes because I'm glad it's over- something about these days just get us all off track, ya know?!?)

Tomorrow is our Field Trip to Ft. Harrod.  Please be sure to come with a lunch prepared and the necessary means for carrying any items needed on the trip. We will be leaving immediately after Mass and it is FREE dress.

Learning Target: 1) I can utilize punctuation cues. 2) I can use effective pacing to make my reading sound like storytelling.
We practiced with word emphasis and punctuation cues by singing along to Katy Perry's FIREWORK.  Then, we used tongues twisters to really hone in on the word emphasis skills.  All too often, our mouths get ahead of our brains- using these can confuse us, but when we slow down to state each word, our fluency knowledge prevails.  We had a blast using them too!
HOMEWORK: Literature Circle Roles due FRIDAY.

We are reviewing all things decimals.  REMINDER: our test is NOW ON WEDNESDAY SEPT. 24TH!!!  Today, I gave back several assignments that were turned in at the end of last week and beginning of this week.  I pulled small groups to reiterate skills and bridge any gaps in understanding.  I also had the students to rework the problems that they missed in order to learn from their mistakes.  Finally, I passed out our review and had the students defend each of their answers using the statement, "I Know This Because..."  The review is not homework as we will be using it on Friday and Monday in preparation of the test.
HOMEWORK: review graded sheets sent home today.  Test is Wednesday, Sept. 24th.

Students took their tests!!!  Yay!!!  Most left feeling confident and happy!

HOMEWORK: TEST on Friday!!!

Mrs. Schleg will be OUT during Parent-Teacher conferences.  Last week (9.11.14), I posted a letter from her about setting these up next week, but she has been getting several confused emails with many questions.  Please refer to this letter from her again (below, highlighted in light blue) and contact her to set up a conference if you wish to do so for your student's Science, Social Studies, and Religion performance review.

Dear Parents,

I want to let you know that I unfortunately will need to have surgery.  I will leave on September 23 for Nashville and have surgery on the 24th.  I will be out for about a month and hopefully no longer.  This largely depends on the extent of the surgery.  With that being said, conferences during the conference days will be cancelled.  However, I would like to meet with anyone that would like to schedule a conference next week.  I will do my best to make myself available as much as possible.  I will email a schedule out to you tomorrow with times that I can meet.

If you would like to meet with Mrs. Thomas in regards to reading and/or math she will be available during the conference times.  You will send in your request to schedule time with her when the forms come home.

Mrs. Zettel is working on finding a substitute and as soon as we have one secured I will share that with you.

If you have any questions, please let me know,

Mrs. Schleg

See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas

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