Friday, September 19, 2014

My Last Day!

                          My Last Day

Today is my last day.:( I am very sad that today is my last day.  This week has gone by so  fast.  I am sorry that I did not blog every day this week, but we had a lot to do. I bet that I can make this day awesome!


                 Coffee House Friday

Today is coffee house Friday!  Coffee house Friday is when your parents come to school and they bring in a newspaper or magazine, and they can bring in coffee or something like that.  It is a really fun thing to do.  It basically takes up half or morning.

                       Election Day

Today is 4H election day.  Everyone has been talking about for the past few weeks.  I am really excited that I finally get to vote.  It will be so much fun!  I bet everyone loves all of the candy that they have been getting.  I think it is good and it is bad.  It is good because it gives people a chance to campaign, and it is bad because we have been getting to much candy and it gets us off task. But you know, the more the merrier!  Remember, Don't Blow It, Vote Brandon Dries Vice President!

I also have a class vote for this topic too.  I was wandering if people liked the elections our if they did not like elections.
Did Like Elections:25 people
Did Not Like Elections:0 people
Well it looks like everybody liked the election.  It was not a surprise to me because everyone loved all of the candy and I bet everyone loved to use real voting machines.

That is all I have for today.  This is the last time I will say this, goodbye.

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